NEW* List of tests available to RQTU members

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One of the major benefits of belonging to the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the opportunity to purchase and use tests which would otherwise be restricted. The Psychological Testing Centre has compiled a ... Read more

Diploma in Psychological Testing

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The BPS Committee on Test Standards is investigating the possibility of developing a Diploma in Psychological Testing, which would confer a higher, more general level of expertise on test users.

The diploma would give test users credit for what they have already achieved – for example, holders of the Test User qualification would be exempt from the first two units. It would also allow test users to expand their existing knowledge of testing in a range of contexts, and would be a... Read more

New Test Reviews published

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Test review update

The latest tests to have been reviewed by the BPS Test Review team are Facet5 (published by Facet5 Ltd, 1990), the Professional Profile 2 (PP2; published by Central Test UK, 2014) and Personal Development Analysis (PDA; published by PDA International, 2005).


The Professional Profile 2 (PP2) is a computerised personality measure designed... Read more

Maintenance of Competence Requirements

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What is Maintenance of Competence?

Maintenance of Competence is the method by which members of the RQTU demonstrate their continued competence in testing. Its purpose is to ensure that organisations and members of the public using the services of qualified test users can be confident of their competence, and therefore the professional standards of the services they receive. 

The Maintenance of Competence system is also a valuable... Read more

e-Subscriber benefit for RQTU members

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From 1st January 2015, we have added a great new benefit for members of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU). RQTU members are now able to access for FREE all the benefits of BPS e-Subscription, which has been introduced for people with an interest in psychology. With BPS e-Subscription RQTU members receive:

  • FREE electronic access to The Psychologist, the monthly publication of the British... Read more

ADM selected article

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The following article appeared in Assessment and Development Matters (ADM) Volume 10 No.1, Spring 2018

Does the way we measure shame create a gender difference? by Emma Herring


ITC Guidelines on the Security of Tests, Examinations, and Other Assessments

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These guidelines, produced by the International Test Commission (ITC) provide recommendations on planning for better security, maintaining security during the development of tests and while they are administered, and responding well when a security breach occurs.

 ... Read more