Maintenance of Competence Requirements

Changes to the Maintenance of Competence requirements for members of the RQTU

From January 2015, members of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) will be required to adhere to revised Maintenance of Competence requirements.

What is Maintenance of Competence?

Maintenance of Competence is the method by which members of the RQTU demonstrate their continued competence in testing. Its purpose is to ensure that organisations and members of the public using the services of qualified test users can be confident of their competence, and therefore the professional standards of the services they receive. 

The Maintenance of Competence system is also a valuable tool for RQTU members to ensure that they keep their testing-related knowledge and skills current, and to help identify any areas in which additional development is required.  

What were the previous Maintenance of Competence requirements?

Maintenance of Competence requirements were introduced in September 2011, with the launch of the revised test user qualification standards. Since this time, RQTU members have been advised that in order to maintain their entry on the RQTU, they are required to revalidate their entry on the RQTU every six years by maintaining their competence in testing and to demonstrate that they have been engaged in appropriate testing-related activities for the equivalent of at least 40 hours per year. 

Why are the Maintenance of Competence requirements being changed?

Feedback from RQTU members has indicated that this requirement to engage in 40 hours of testing-related activity may be unrealistic for many members, for whom testing and test use form a relatively small element of their professional role.  It is also recognised that imposing time requirements does not necessarily mean time spent on CPD is used effectively.

As a result, the above requirements were suspended at the start of 2014 whilst the Committee on Test Standards (CTS) carried out a review of the Maintenance of Competence requirements and developed a new, more appropriate set of requirements.

What changes have been made and how do I demonstrate my continued Maintenance of Competence in testing?

RQTU members are requested to read and comply with the following revised Maintenance of Competence requirements.

Supporting information

Maintenance of Competence Log template