What information can I access here?

This tab caters for members of the public searching for services from individuals or companies involved in training/assessment, or companies selling test materials.

Test takers wanting experience of taking a practice test can also do so in this area.

The List of Verified Assessors, is the Society's formal list of all currently verified Educational and Occupational Testing Assessors.(What is an Educational or Occupational Assessor?)

Directories (subscription-based listings)

Wanting to practice a test? Please visit Companies that offer Practice Tests

Searching for a qualified educational or occupational test user? Please visit the Directory of Qualified Testers

Looking for a provider to train and assess you as a competent test user? Please visit the Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training)

Are you a qualified test user looking to purchase test materials from a test publisher/test distributor? For contact details please visit the Directory of Test Publishers and Test Distributors

How can individuals or companies join the directories?

Each directory has an application form. On the application form you will find entry requirements and annual fees.