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The Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) receives frequent enquiries from both psychologists and non-psychologists regarding where tests can be purchased in the United Kingdom. This Directory is offered as a response to those enquiries. The purpose of this Directory is intended to be informative rather than evaluative.

The Society provides independent reviews of psychological tests and these are included on the site. Publishers included on this list have either had test materials evaluated in a Society review or have agreed that their materials will be included in a future review.

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Stuart Robertson and Associates

Empress Buildings

380 Chester Road


M16 9EA


Tel: 0161 877 3277

Fax: 0161 877 4500

Email: [email protected]



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TMS Development International Ltd

128 Holgate Road




Tel: 01904 641640

Fax: 01904 640076

Email: [email protected]




TMS Development International was established in 1989 by Managing Director, Catherine Hick, together with the founders of Team Management Systems (TMS), Dr Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann. From our offices in York, UK, our expert team supports an international network of clients and agents who use the TMS Profiles to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve success all over the world in a wide range of scenarios. We provide the knowledge, models, tools and support to enable them to release energy and potential from individuals and create high performing teams. We offer a flexible range of train-the-trainer programmes designed to give learning & development professionals the knowledge and confidence to help people achieve their personal potential and build real value within a team-based environment using the TMS Profiles. At the heart of our approach is the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile, a rigorously researched psychometric tool that has been used by leading organisations for over 20 years for personal and career development, teambuilding, talent management, diversity and change. Written in positive straightforward language, it is easy to use and share, and brings a complete overview of how people are working together to get the right results faster.


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Target Training International Ltd

17785 North Pacesetter Way


Arizona 85255



Tel: 1-480443 1077


Email: [email protected]




TTI was founded in 1984 as Target Training International, Ltd. by the late Bill J. Bonnstetter and his son, Dave Bonnstetter. Putting data- driven research of human behaviour and motivators into practice in the realms of hiring and development, TTI not only develops thought leadership, but uses that knowledge to create practical business tools for job benchmarking, hiring and development. Innovative thinking coupled with verifiable data enabled TTI to hold four patents from the U.S. Patent Office and one in Canada, which cemented its place as an assessment industry forerunner. A fifth international patent that validates its assessments using brain research is pending. TTI is constantly conducting innovative research into mindsets, behaviours, emotional intelligence, skills and relationships. This research has resulted in a suite of assessment solutions applicable at work and in life. TTI's growing body of research and intellectual property influences business, education, relationships and the economy, setting the bar for industries across the spectrum. Its research is exclusively provided to its Family of Companies, TTI Performance Systems and TTI Success Insights, which manage and direct a network of 7,000 distributors in 90 countries and 40 languages.

Team Focus Ltd

Heritage House

13 Bridge Street





Tel: 01628 637 338

Fax: 01628 626 264

Email: [email protected]




Founded in 1989, specialising in Business Psychology, Team Focus Limited (TFL) has one the most comprehensive range of psychometrics available on a single platform called 'Profiling for Success.' The measures are 'leading edge' but this is not simply the slickness of the online delivery. It includes NEW THINKING in psychometrics. We recognise that the brain's thinking complexity cannot be assessed by Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Tests alone. We have innovative ability measures such as the Decision Analysis Test and a measure of multi-tasking called the Memory and Attention Test. In personality we acknowledge the limitations of self-report. Our questionnaires approach 'who we are' from different angles. We explore people's sense of identity plus their aspirations and motivations. We capture not only the typical 'you' but the 'you under pressure' - how people change and stretch. We use rigorous psychometrics but it is the psychology and not the statistics that drive the process. We have trait measures, type measures, measures that deconstruct and clarify issues of resilience, motivation, learning style, emotional intelligence, team roles and more. We have a career guidance package and also offer one of the widest ranges of training programmes in major personality and soft skills questionnaires.


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The Holst Group

31 Market Place





Tel: 0845 456 4000

Fax: 0845 456 4001

Email: [email protected]



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