How to Apply & Packs

How do I gain a BPS qualification in test use?

  1. Identify the level of training to which you wish to be trained (see the Test User’s Handbook below for a description of the competencies associated with each qualification).
  2. Find a training course provider, by visiting the Directory of Providers: Assessment/Training.
  3. Contact the training provider and arrange to undertake relevant training. (Please check with the provider that the course and the assessment you wish to undertake will lead to a BPS qualification).
  4. On successful assessment of your competence following completion of the relevant training course, your trainer/Assessor will ask you to fill in and sign a consent form so that they can send an affirmation of your competence in the qualification to the BPS.
  5. You pay a fee to have your qualification registered and an annual fee for your entry on the BPS’ Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU). See the Test User’s Schedule of Fees below for details of the fee for each qualification.
  6. The BPS issues you your certificate in the qualification you have gained, enters you onto the RQTU and allows you access to the RQTU member benefits.
  7. Each year, you affirm your continued competence in test use

The Test User's Handbook provides information for those seeking training and assessment leading to eligibility for one or more of the Society's qualifications in test use.

This document provides an overview of the benefits of the qualifications. It also describes how test users can register qualifications to build up a profile of competence over time.

For existing test users this guidance is also aimed at those who want to further develop their knowledge and skills in this area.

An overview of what test users are able to do when they hold the Society's qualifications in test use can be accessed in the Training and Research area of the website.

Thinking of pursuing training and assessment as a test user?

Please visit the Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training).

Have you just been assessed as a competent test user? Do you want to find the fees for BPS test user qualifications and entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)?

The Test User's Schedule of Fees outlines the fees payable to the Society for qualifications in test use and for an annual entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU).

Test User schedule of fees 2015

Information for Educational and Occupational Assessors

What is an Educational or Occupational Assessor?

If you are a prospective Assessor or your existing Assessor’s Certificate is due to expire, the finalised documents below relate to Verification and Quality Assurance in the new test standards. Please note we are no longer verifying Assessors in the old test standards. Applications for Verification are being handled on a first come first served basis.

N.B. If you requested a copy of the test standards when they were in draft format we would ask that you withdraw these from circulation within your organisation and download the finalised documentation below.

Documentation for Assessors

The Assessor’s Handbook outlines the Verification and Quality Assurance process, explains the roles and responsibilities of Verified Assessors, Delegated Assessors and Verifiers. Importantly it also refers to the new process of recording an affirmation of a test user’s competence in specific Module Sets/Qualifications.

 Assessors Handbook May 2012.pdf

Guidance for Assessors is a series of documents split into the Module Sets which comprise each of the Society’s test user qualifications enabling Assessors to indicate where in their assessment materials each competency is assessed. Assessors will need to complete and submit the relevant proforma with their application for Verification in the new test standards. If applying for Verification in more than one personality instrument, a completed proforma will be required for each instrument. Overtypable versions of the Guidance for Assessors are available by contacting us.


 Assistant Test User Educational.pdf

 Test User Educational.pdf


 Assistant Test User Occupational.pdf 

 Test User Occupational Ability.pdf 

 Test User Occupational Personality.pdf

 Test User Occupational, Personality (Additional Instrument) - Guidance and Proforma v0_1.pdf

 Specialist in Test Use Occupational v1.pdf 

The Assessor's Application Form needs to be completed and submitted to the Society to commence the Verification process.

 Assessors Application Form1.pdf

An overtypable version of this is available by contacting us

The Assessor’s Schedule of Fees outlines the fees payable for Verification, Quality Assurance and Reconfirmation. Please visit the glossary of terms in the Assessor's Handbook for an explanation of these terms.

 Assessor Schedule of Fees 2014.pdf

If you have any enquiries relating to Verification, please contact us.