Psychological Testing

What is a psychological test?
Psychological tests are used in all walks of life to assess ability, personality and behaviour. A test can be used as part of the selection process for job interviews, to assess children in schools, to assess people with mental health issues or offenders in prisons. Tests are also used in the National Health Service. 

There are two types of psychological test - tests of ability, aptitude or attainment, which are known as measures of maximum performance, and tests designed to assess personal qualities, such as personality, beliefs, social competence, values, developmental milestones and interests and to measure motivation or drive. These are known as measures of typical performance.

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You need to consider why you need to be tested and what you would like to get out of being tested. If you would like to practice taking a sample test, please visit 'Companies that offer Practice Tests'.

You may also be interested in A Test Taker's Guide and The Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions.

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