About Educational Testing

Educational testing can be useful in matters concerning children’s learning, well-being and development. It is also relevant to adult learning. Educational testing is often used in determining a child’s special educational needs. This form of testing can be undertaken by the following:

Teachers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators who are trained to assess some learning difficulties - please check with your local school/college or Local Authority;

Qualified testers who hold the BPS’s Test User: Educational, Ability & Attainment qualification (CCET), who have demonstrated their competence in using tests of ability in educational settings;

Chartered Educational and Child Psychologists with expertise in assessment can undertake a broader range of assessments with children of all ages and adult learners. Please see the Directory of Chartered Psychologists. This has a searchable database and you should be able to find a psychologist in your area. Psychologists charge professional fees comparable with other professionals.