The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 966

Viewing: C
Ms Karen Cable
Mrs Brenda Cabras
Mrs Sandra Cadogan
Miss Nerissa Caesar
Ms Anne Marie Cahill
Ms Elizabeth Cahill
Ms Helen Cahill
Ms Sandra Cahill
Mrs Amanda Cahir-O'Donnell
Mr Fernando Caicedo
Ms Siobhan Cain
Miss Antoinette Caird-Daley
Miss Nicola Cairns
Miss Sarah Calcutt
Mrs Phillipa Calder
Ms Carla Caldwell-Cook
Miss Lori Caligiuri
Mrs Vivien Calkin
Mr Dean Callaghan
Mrs Lucille Callaghan
Ms Majella Callaghan
Mr Patrick Callaghan
Ms Pam Callanan
Ms Anne Calleja
Mr Neil Callen
Mr Peter Callender
Ms Marie Callinan
Dr Militza Callinan
Mrs Caroline Callow
Mr Simon Callow
Mr Timothy Calow
Ms Orla Calvey
Mr Ross Calwell
Mrs Joanne Cambra
Mrs Jayne Camburn
Ms Catherine Cameron
Mr Gordon Cameron
Ms Kate Cameron
Mrs Katy Cameron
Mrs Mandy Cameron
Mrs Trudi Cameron
Mrs Kathryn Camidge
Miss Doriella Camilleri
Ms Grace Camilleri
Ms Amelia Campbell
Miss Angela Campbell
Ms Anne Campbell
Miss Annie Campbell
Ms Arlene Campbell
Mrs Cheryl Campbell
Mr David Campbell
Mr Donal Campbell
Ms Elaine Campbell
Ms Elspeth Campbell
Ms Fiona Campbell
Mrs Helen Campbell
Mrs Julia Campbell
Miss Laura Campbell
Miss Lorimar Campbell
Mrs Mary Campbell
Ms Michelle Campbell
Miss Patricia Campbell
Miss Pauline Campbell
Miss Rebecca Campbell
Ms Shannon Campbell
Ms Sharon Campbell
Ms Susan Campbell
Mrs Tracy Campbell
Ms Claudia Campbell-Pegg
Ms Geraldine Campion
Mrs Joanna Campion
Mrs Karen Campion
Mr Carl Campion-Evans
Mr Olivio Candela
Dr Susan Cane
Mrs Wendy Canham
Mr Paul Cann
Ms Lesley Cannell
Mrs Anne Canning
Ms June Canning
Mrs Alison Cannon
Mrs Jill Cannon
Mr Jonathan Cannon
Miss Simona Canu
Mrs Rebecca Canuti
Ms Aoife Caomhanach
Mrs Ella Capaldi
Mrs Margaret Capanni
Mr Noel Capel
Dr Carmel Capewell
Ms Janice Caplan
Mr Michael Caplin
Ms Amanda-Jane Capon
Mr Richard Capper
Mrs Pamela Capriglione
Ms Marthese Carabott Abdilla
Mrs Catherine Caraca
Mrs Helen Card
Mrs Julia Carden
Ms Sandra Carden
Ms Giulia Cardillo
Mr Kevin Cardona
Mrs Angela Cardwell
Mrs Claire Carey
Mrs Louise Carey
Mr Mark Carey
Mr Peter Carey
Dr Joanne Carlier
Mrs Jacyueline Carlin
Miss Jennifer Carlin
Mrs Ruth Carlin
Mr Brian Carlton
Mr Shaun Carlton
Miss Janine Carmichael
Dr Petrina Carmody
Dr John Carnell
Mrs Susan Carnell
Ms Eimear Carney
Ms Pauline Carney
Mrs Hayley Carnochan
Ms Denise Carolan
Mrs Sarah Carpenter
Ms Amanda Carr
Mrs Mandy Carr
Ms Mary Carr
Dr Michelle Carr
Mrs Rachel Carr
Mrs Sarah Carr
Miss Victoria Carr
Mr Carlo Carrescia
Mr Peter Carrick
Mrs Grainne Carrickford-Kingston
Mrs Caroline Carrier
Ms Elizabeth Carrighan
Ms Rachel Carrington
Miss Carlie Carrington-Stait
Mrs Claire Carroll
Mr David Carroll
Mrs Mary Carroll
Ms Sarah Carroll
Ms Susan Carroll
Ms Tina Carroll
Miss Elaine Carrothers
Mrs Allison Carruthers
Mrs Kristina Carruthers
Mr Joshua Carson
Mrs Vicki Carss
Mrs Allison Carter
Dr Angela Carter
Mr Carl Carter
Miss Elizabeth Carter
Dr Helen Carter
Mrs Lee Carter
Mr Lucien Carter
Dr Madeline Carter
Mr Martin Carter
Ms Melanie Carter
Ms Michelle Carter
Mr Stephen Carter
Ms Donna Carter-Cupid
Mrs Mary Carter-Lee
Ms Gwen Carter-Powell
Mrs Hazel Carter-Showell
Ms Susan Carthew
Mrs Kim Cartmell
Mrs Helen Cartmill
Miss Alison Cartwright
Mrs Catherine Cartwright
Miss Natasha Cartwright
Mrs Sarah Cartwright
Mr Steven Cartwright
Miss Sara Casado
Ms Deborah Case
Ms Jackie Casey
Mr Joseph Casey
Miss Leigh Casey
Ms Moira Casey
Mr Bruno Casimiro
Dr Barbara Caska
Mrs Helen Cass
Ms Debra Cassam
Mr Peter Cassells
Miss Andrea Cassidy
Professor Anthony Cassidy
Mrs Mairead Cassidy
Mrs Norma Cassin
Ms Maria Casson
Mrs Cynthia Castelino
Ms Paulynne Castillo-Verdezola
Mrs Kirsty Castle
Mr Neil Castle
Ms Mireya Del Rosario Castro Baizabal
Mr Christopher Caswell
Mrs Carly Catchpole
Miss Lara Catchpole
Mr Richard Catchpole
Miss Sarah Catlow
Ms Josephine Catterill
Mrs Jayne Catton
Mr Miles Catton
Mr Darren Caudle
Ms Mary Cauilan
Mr Matthew Cauldwell
Miss Juliet Caunt
Mrs Elizabeth Cave
Mrs Lesley Cave
Mr Derek Cawley
Mrs Joscelyn Cawood
Mrs Thanzeela Ceendadath Puthiaveedu
Ms Iva Cek
Mrs Hulya Celik
Mrs Lorraine Cesar
Mrs Sarah Chabowski
Mrs Joanne Chada
Mrs Mala Chadha
Mrs Natasha Chadha
Dr Darren Chadwick
Mrs Karen Chadwick
Ms Noorjot Chahal
Miss Evelyn Chai
Miss Patricia Chale
Mrs Julie Chalikiopoulou
Ms Alyson Challans
Miss Emma Challinor
Ms Melissa Challinor
Mr Iain Chalmers
Ms Lee Chalmers
Mrs Rebecca Chalmers
Mr David Chamberlain
Mr Henry Chamberlain
Mrs Kathryn Chamberlain
Ms Virginia Chamberlain
Miss Bethan Chambers
Mrs Deborah Chambers
Miss Emma Chambers
Mrs Joanne Chambers
Ms Karen Chambers
Miss Samantha Chambers
Miss Natasha Chambore
Dr Grece Chami-Sather
Ms Catherine Chamorro
Mrs Betty Chan
Ms Cathy Chan
Mr Cheuk Chan
Ms Ching Chan
Mr Hei Chan
Ms Hiu Chan
Miss Jia Chan
Mr Jiguang Gifford Chan
Miss Jing Yi Chan
Mr Lai Chan
Miss Man Chan
Ms Peiru Chan
Ms Poh Chan
Miss Sheung Chan
Miss Tsang Chan
Ms Wai Chan
Ms Wai Chan
Miss Wai-Mung Chan
Mr Wei Chan
Mr Wil Lipe Chan
Mr Colin Chance
Mr Neil Chandar
Mr Mandeep Chandhok
Mrs Alexina Chandler
Ms Anne Chandler
Ms Audrey Chandler
Miss Felicity Chandler
Mr Jonathan Chandler
Mrs Karen Chandler
Miss Nicola Chandler
Ms Anjana Chandran
Mrs Shyama Chandrasekhar
Ms Emily Chaney
Dr Kirk Chang
Mr Qi Chang
Mr Sin Chang
Ms Jessica Chant
Ms Stephanie Chant
Mrs Gillian Chantler
Mrs Catherine Chaplin
Ms India Chaplin
Dr John Chaplin
Mr Matt Chaplin
Mr Anthony Chapman
Professor Antony Chapman
Mr Brian Chapman
Mrs Christine Chapman
Mrs Clare Chapman
Mr David Chapman
Mrs Debra Chapman
Mrs Emma Chapman
Mrs Jenifer Chapman
Miss Jennifer Chapman
Mr Kevin Chapman
Mrs Mary Chapman
Ms Patricia Chapman
Mrs Sarah Chapman
Mrs Tameron Chappell
Miss Laura Chard
Miss Katherine Charles
Mr Sam Charles
Mrs Jane Charlton
Ms Joanna Charlton
Ms Pamela Charlton
Mr Robin Charlton
Mrs Sarah Charlton
Ms Bridgette Charlton Hess
Mrs Victoria Chart
Mr Christopher Chater
Mr Rick Chattell
Mrs Heather Chatten
Miss Bobby Chatterjee
Ms Leigh Chattington
Mr Pradip Chattopadhyay
Miss Tanvi Chaturvedi
Miss Eleni Chatzivasiliou
Ms Rehana Chaudhry-Lawton
Ms Saira Chaudry
Mr Zain Chawdry
Ms Nada Chebib
Mrs Glynis Cheers
Mr Colin Cheesman
Dr Mark Cheesman
Mr Emcee Chekwas
Ms Esther Chelliah-Tam
Chris Chen
Ms Fiona Chen
Miss Iris Chen
Mr Taoran Chen
Mr Xiao Chen
Mr Yixiong Chen
Ms Danielle Cheng May Lian
Mr Alvin Cheong
Miss Kate Cherniavsky
Mrs Tara Cherniawski
Miss Lisa Cherry
Ms Lisa Cherry
Mrs Margaret Cheshire
Mrs Ulla Cheshire
Mrs Melissa Chester
Mr Mark Chesterman
Miss Aimee Chesters
Dr Susan Chesters
Mrs Carole Chesworth
Mr Michael Chesworth
Miss Sharon Chew
Mrs Michelle Cheyne
Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma
Miss Dawn Chia
Ms Gek Chia
Ms Linda Chick
Mrs Aarti Chidambaram
Miss Sophie Chidley
Mrs Amauche Chidozie
Mrs Sandy Chidwick
Miss Jennifer Chigwende
Mrs Melissa Childs
Olwen Childs
Mrs Rachel Childs
Mr Roy Childs
Miss Carol Chin
Ngeet Chin
Mrs Sharon Chinnappa
Mrs Okeobaro Chinye
Mr Adam Chircop
Ms Angie Chircop Coleiro
Mrs Jacqui Chisem
Mr John Chisholm
Ms Khadija Chisholm
Mrs Susan Chisholm
Mr Kiran Chitta
Miss Sarah Chitty
Mr Kou Chiu
Ms Sarah Chiumento
Mrs Monica Chiumiento
Mrs Jane Chivers
Professor Nicholas Chmiel
Mr Cyrus Chng
Mr Max Choi
Dr Yee Choi
Miss Huey Chong
Miss Wing Chong
Miss Esther Choo
Ms Nupur Chopra
Mr Rajesh Chopra
Ms Jayne Chorlton
Ms Ying Chou
Ms Munazzah Choudhary
Ms Indrani Choudhury
Dr Ohinur Choudhury
Miss Yee Chow
Miss Zara Chowdhry
Ms Prunella Chown
Mr Steven Chriscoli
Mr Tom Chrisp
Mrs Karen Christer
Miss Pia Christiansen
Mr Everoid Christie
Miss Helen Christie
Mr Robert Christie
Mr Stuart Christie
Miss Natalia Christodoulidou
Ms Margaret Christodoulou
Ms Andrea Christopher
Ms Caroline Christopher
Ms Gaye-Elaine Christopher
Mr James Christopher
Ms Laura Christophers
Miss Malgorzata Chrobak
Mrs Lesley Chronnell
Miss Jennifer Chu
Mr Kwan Chu
Miss Lok Yin Chu
Ms Angelia Chua
Miss Hui Xuan Michelle Chua
Mr Khim Chua
Miss Clara Chua Yi Xin
Ms Evelyn Chue M L
Miss Irene Chung
Mr Ken Chung
Ms Michelle Chung
Miss Po Chung
Mrs Diane Church
Ms Danielle Churcher
Mr Richard Churches
Mrs Lisa Churchill
Mr Christopher Churchman
Miss Dorothy Churchward
Ms Elaine Ciantar
Miss Ersilia Cilenti
Mr Randall Cilia
Ms Rachel Cinnsealach
Ms Julia Claiden
Mrs Mary Clancy
Ms Zoe Clancy
Miss Sarah Clapperton
Miss Melanie Clare
Ms Johanna Clarie
Mr Alan Clark
Mrs Alice Clark
Ms Alison Clark
Mrs Alison Clark
Mr Antony Clark
Mrs Cheryl Clark
Dr Christopher Clark
Ms Debbie Clark
Ms Derrie Clark
Mrs Donna Clark
Ms Fiona Clark
Dr Frances Clark
Mr Graham Clark
Ms Helen Clark
Ms Karon Clark
Ms Kellie Clark
Ms Laura Clark
Mrs Linda Clark
Mr Nicholas Clark
Mrs Rachel Clark
Miss Sarah Clark
Mrs Shelley Clark
Ms Carolyn Clarke
Miss Catherine Clarke
Dr Colin Clarke
Miss Gemma Clarke
Miss Grace Clarke
Miss Helen Clarke
Mr John Clarke
Mrs Josie Clarke
Miss Kate Clarke
Miss Laura Clarke
Ms Mary Clarke
Mr Michael Clarke
Mrs Philippa Clarke
Miss Rachel Clarke
Mr Ross Clarke
Mr Roy Clarke
Mrs Siobhan Clarke
Mr Thomas Clarke
Ms Wendy Clarke
Mr Kevin Clarke-Brown
Miss Gemma Clarkson
Miss Heather Clarkson
Mrs Heather Clarkson
Mrs Helen Claus-Willemsen
Mrs Wendy Clay
Mrs Abigail Clayton
Mr John Clayton
Ms Anita Cleary
Ms Carol Cleary
Mrs Adrienne Cleator
Ms Rosalind Cleave
Mrs Sarah Cleaver
Mrs Vanessa Cleere
Mrs Victorina Clegg
Ms Tracy Cleghorn
Miss Joanna Clemens
Dr Andrew Clements
Mr David Clements
Mrs Heidi Clements
Mr Jeffrey Clements
Mrs Eve Clennell
Ms Sarah Cleobury
Mr Ciaran Clery
Dr Michelle Cleveland
Mr Martyn Clews
Mr Steve Clews
Miss Catherine Clifford
Ms Jane Clifford
Mrs Lorenza Clifford
Ms Noreen Clifford
Ms Vivienne Clifford
Ms Daniela Clift
Mrs Verity Clifton
Miss Hannah Clilverd
Miss Ruxandra Clinciu
Mrs Katherine Clinton
Ms Kathryn Clinton
Miss Annique Clopon
Mrs Francesca Close
Mr Richard Close
Dr Jack Closs
Mr Peter Clough
Ms Deborah Clow
Dr Michelle Clubb
Ms Alison Clunas
Dr Keith Coaley
Dr Phillipa Coan
Mrs Amanda Coates
Mr John Coates
Mr Michael Coates
Mr Paul Coates
Mr James Cobain
Miss Deborah Cobb
Mr Russell Cobb
Mrs Joanna Cobley
Mrs Carol Coburn
Mr Enrico Cocchi
Ms Andrea Cochrane
Miss Geraldine Cochrane
Mrs Joanne Cochrane
Ms Trisha Cochrane
Dr Laura Cockburn
Miss Lynne Cockburn
Mr Michael Cockburn
Miss Jasmine Cockcroft
Dr Tracey Cockerton
Mrs Liane Cockram
Ms Gemma Cockrell
Mrs Laura Codling
Ms Kellie Coe
Ms Kellie Cofield
Ms Lelia Cogan
Ms Stephanie Cogdell
Miss Eve Cogger
Mrs Barbara Cohen
Mr Joseph Cohen
Mrs Sarah Cohen
Mrs Susan Cohen
Ms Elisa Cohen-Pardo
Miss Hazel Colbe
Miss Kathryn Colclough
Mr Christopher Colcomb
Ms Claire Coldwell
Miss Aimee Cole
Mrs Alison Cole
Miss Elizabeth Cole
Mrs Kim Cole
Mr Mark Cole
Ms Sarah Cole
Mrs Anne Coleby
Ms Christine Coleiro
Mrs Avril Coleman
Miss Stacey Coleman
Mrs Suzanne Coleman
Ms Treasa Coleman
Mrs Claire Colenutt
Mrs Krystle Coles
Miss Nancy Coles
Mr Roger Coles
Mrs Sheila Coles
Ms Deborah Cole-Wilde
Mrs Leanne Colgan
Mrs Judith Collen
Mr Ger Colleran
Mr Julian Collett
Mrs Ruth Colley
Mrs Caryl Collier
Mr David Collier
Ms Joanna Collier
Miss Natalie Collier
Mr Terry Collier
Miss Katie Collinge
Mr Peter Collinge
Mrs Nicolette Collingwood
Ms Claire Collins
Mrs Claire Collins
Ms Eva Collins
Dr Gilbert Collins
Mrs Jessica Collins
Ms Laura Collins
Miss Rachel Collins
Mr Richard Collins
Ms Sandra Collins
Miss Stephanie Collins
Mrs Joy Collison
Ms Jill Colquhoun
Ms Heather Colson-Osborne
Mrs Susan Colton
Mr Andrew Colville
Dr Tracey Colville
Mrs Judith Colvin
Miss Jessica Colyer
Ms Lindsay Comalie
Ms Jane Comben
Mrs Kate Comiskey
Mrs Joanne Common
Mr Ron Common
Mr Michael Comyn
Mr Trevor Comyn
Ms Eve Conaty
Mrs Catherine Conboy-Fischer
Mr Jimmy Conboy-Fischer
Ms Susan Conder
Ms Aoife Condon
Miss Rebecca Conlon
Mr Thomas Conlon
Ms Deirdre Connaughton
Mr Cameron Conneely
Ms Caroline Connell
Mrs Sarah Connell
Ms Cathy Connolly
Mrs Denise Connolly
Mrs Dionne Connolly
Dr James Connolly
Mr Patrick Connolly
Mrs Sapphira Connolly
Ms Mary Connolly Oshea
Dr Simon Connor
Mr Christopher Connors
Mrs Janette Connors
Dr Terence Connors
Miss April Conran
Ms Maeve Conroy
Mr Michael Conroy
Mr Tim Conroy
Mrs Jacqueline Considine
Mrs Catherine Constable
Ms Fiona Constable
Dr Hilary Constable
Mrs Amanda Conway
Mrs Caitriona Conway
Ms Caroline Conway
Dr Edel Conway
Mr Harry Joseph Conway
Ms Jennifer Conway
Miss Jessica Conway
Mrs Joan Conway
Mr John Conway
Mrs Maura Conway
Miss Patricia Conway
Ms Siobhan Conway
Mrs Davina Coogan
Ms Susannne Coogan
Dr Alison Cook
Mr Brad Cook
Mr David Cook
Mr David Cook
Mrs Emma Cook
Mr Fraser Cook
Mrs Hilary Cook
Miss Jennifer Cook
Mr Jonathan Cook
Mrs Julia Cook
Ms Kathryn Cook
Mrs Lisa Cook
Dr Malcolm Cook
Ms Regina Cook
Mr Richard Cook
Ms Sarah Cook
Ms Sophie Cook
Mr Stephen Cook
Ms Sue Cook
Mrs Susan Cook
Mr Bernard Cooke
Mrs Claire Cooke
Ms Myra Cooke
Mrs Susan Cooke
Ms Maria Coombe
Mrs Rachel Coombs
Ms Marguerite Cooney
Ms Sarah Cooney
Ms Veronica Cooney
Miss Heather Coop
Mr Adam Cooper
Mr Benjamin Cooper
Mr Christopher Cooper
Mr David Cooper
Mr David Cooper
Dr Deborah Cooper
Miss Faye Cooper
Ms Fiona Cooper
Miss Joanna Cooper
Ms Judith Cooper
Ms Julie Cooper
Mrs Lesley Cooper
Miss Louise Cooper
Mrs Nicola Cooper
Mr Noel Cooper
Mr Richard Cooper
Mr Robert Cooper
Mrs Sally Cooper
Mrs SarahJane Cooper
Mr Stephen Cooper
Mrs Valeria Coots
Mrs Deborah Copeland
Miss Lauren Copeland
Miss Sarah Copp
Mr Peter Coppack
Mrs Samantha Coppin-Derby
Mrs Rachel Coquard
Miss Marie Coralie
Mr Toby Corballis
Ms Deborah Corbett
Ms Laura Corbett
Dr Lesley Corbin
Mrs Annette Corble
Ms Elaine Corcoran
Mrs Margaret Cordeaux
Miss Cristina Cordero
Mr Michael Corker
Mr William Corless
Mrs Michelle Corley
Mrs Emma Cormie
Mrs Dawn Corney
Mr Eddie Corr
Mrs Nuala Corr
Mr Marco Correnti
Mr Fintan Corrigan
Ms Lindsay Corrigan
Ms Georgina Corscadden
Miss Eleanor Corston
Miss Patricia Corteza
Dr Penny Cortvriend
Mrs Penelope Cory
Miss Joana Costa
Sr Bernadette Costello
Ms Sharon Costello
Mrs Ann-Marie Costelloe
Ms Jennifer Cottam
Mr James Cotter
Mrs Karen Cotterill
Mrs Nadine Cottrell
Miss Ina Coubrough
Ms Philippa Coughlan
Ms Toni Coughlan
Mrs Louise Coughlin
Miss Jodie Coulson
Mrs Karen Coulson
Mr John Counihan
Mrs Susan Counter
Ms Katie Coupe
Mr Stephen Coupe
Miss Hannah Couper
Mr Piers Courage-Jones
Mrs Melissa Couronne
Ms Eleanor Courtney
Miss Harriet Courtney
Mrs Jayne Courtney
Miss Suzanne Courtney
Ms Hannah Courtney Bennett
Mrs Frances Cousans
Mr Jack Stephen Cousins
Mrs Shobha Coutinho
Mrs Karen Cove
Mr Roger Coveney
Ms Janine Coverley
Mr James Cowan
Dr Susan Cowan
Mrs Jane Cowburn
Mr Jonathan Cowell
Mr Evin Cowhey
Mr Neil Cowieson
Mrs Anne Cowley
Mr Simon Cowlishaw
Ms Theresa Cowsill
Ms Caroline Cox
Mr Christopher Cox
Mr Jeremy Cox
Mr Jonathan Cox
Mrs Laura Cox
Mrs Lisa Cox
Mrs Liz Cox
Miss Lucy Cox
Mrs Paula Cox
Miss Rachel Cox
Ms Samantha Cox
Miss Tamsin Cox
Ms Vanessa Cox
Mrs Victoria Coxen
Miss Carole Coxhead
Miss Clare Coxshall
Mrs Caoimhe Coyle
Ms Bernadette Coyle-Stewart
Dr Iain Coyne
Dr Julie Cozens
Ms Susan Cozzolino
Mr Shane Crabb
Mr Mark Crabtree
Miss Kimberley Craig
Mrs Trea Craig
Mr Wilson Craig
Mr David Craigie
Miss Alicia Crane
Mrs Beverley Crane
Ms Kathryn Crane
Ms Melanie Cranko
Ms Sylvia Cranston
Mrs Claudelle Crasto
Ms Emanuela Crastolla
Ms Samantha Crathern
Mr Kevin Craven
Mrs Camilla Craven-Webb
Ms Emma Cravitz
Mr Andrew Crawford
Miss Diane Crawford
Mrs Joan Crawford
Mr Sean Crawford
Mr Simon Crawford
Ms Hannah Crawley
Mrs Sally Cray
Ms Edwina Crean
Mrs Martha Creaser
Ms Paula Creber
Mrs Jill Cregan
Mrs Elizabeth Crehan
Mr Paul Creighton
Mrs Selena Creighton
Ms Orla Cremin
Mrs Maria Crespo
Miss Charlotte Crew
Mrs Hilary Crichton
Mr St. Clair Crick
Mrs Susan Crilly
Mr Michael Crimes
Mrs Ann Cripps
Dr Barry Cripps
Mr Philip Crisp
Ms Rosemary Croarkin
Ms Jayne Crocker
Mrs Amanda Crockett
Mrs Carole Crockett-McLean
Mrs Charlotte Croffie
Mrs Claire Croft
Mrs Leigh Croft
Ms Valerie Croft
Mr Lee Crofts
Miss Anna Crollick
Dr Richard Crombie
Mrs Carol Cromer
Ms Elaine Cromie
Ms Andrea Crompton
Mr Gary Crompton
Mrs Jane Cronin
Miss Philippa Cronk
Miss Catherine Crook
Mr Richard Crook
Mrs Tamsin Crook
Ms Carol Crookes
Miss Helen Crooks
Dr Sarah Croom
Mrs Alison Croome
Miss Caroline Crosby
Mrs Denise Crosby
Mrs Kirsty Crosby
Ms Susana Crosby
Miss Merle Crosdale
Mr Steve Crosland
Ms Alison Cross
Mrs Amanda Cross
Ms Elizabeth Cross
Mrs Jean Cross
Ms Sally Cross
Ms Elizabeth Crosse
Mrs Joan Crossen
Miss Deborah Crossland
Miss Becky Crossly
Mrs Donna Crossman
Ms Sarah Louise Croudson
Mr Bruce Crowe
Mrs Marina Crowe
Mrs Sandra Crowe
Ms Catherine Crowley
Mr Timothy Crowley
Ms Tina Crowley
Dr Barry Crown
Dr Gene Crozier
Miss Maria Crozier
Mrs Maria Crudge
Mrs Barbara Cruickshank
Dr Paula Cruise
Dr John Crump
Ms Jane Cryer
Mr Lajos Csoma
Mrs Rachel Cubitt
Ms Rebecca Cudby
Mrs Jacqueline Cuerden
Mrs Allison Cullen
Miss Deirdre Cullen
Ms June Cullen
Dr Kairen Cullen
Mr Michael Culley
Dr Veronica Cullinan
Mr Philip Cullinane
Mrs Ann Cullum
Mrs Aoife Cumiskey
Mr Barry Cummings
Ms Lesley Cummings
Mr Patrick Cummins
Ms Rachel Cummins
Mr Matthew Cunliffe
Ms Sheila Cunliffe
Ms Fiona Cunningham
Mr Iain Cunningham
Mrs Lisa Mary Cunningham
Mrs Marie Cunningham
Ms Patricia Cunningham
Mrs Rebecca Cunningham
Mrs Serena Cunningham
Miss Stacy Cunningham
Mrs Alexandra Cunningham-Batt
Dr Nicole Cunningham-Snell
Miss Claudia Cupid
Miss Olivia Cuppage
Miss Zdravka Curkovic
Ms Elizabeth Curl
Ms Anita Curley
Mrs Jane Curley
Mrs Stephenie Curnock
Mrs Anita Curnow
Ms Catherine Curran
Mr Colin Curran
Ms Suzanne Currell Barshall
Mrs Joanne Currie
Mrs Nicola Currie
Ms Paula Currie
Miss Anna Curtin
Ms Louise Curtin
Ms Alison Curtis
Dr Caroline Curtis
Mrs Cheryl Curtis
Mr Christopher Curtis
Mrs Karen Curtis
Miss Rebecca Curtis
Mr Roger Curtis
Mrs Wendy Curtis
Mrs Jacqueline Curtis-Donnelly
Mr John Curtis-Oliver
Ms Adrienne Curtis-Stidolph
Mrs Frances Cushway
Mr David Cutajar
Mrs Yvonne Cuthbertson
Mr Nicholas Cutts
Mr Dan Cyren Karlsson
Miss Anna Czaplewska
Mrs Reka Czegledi-Brown