The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 423

Viewing: F
Mr Andrea Facchini
Mrs Rosemary Facer
Mr Christopher Fagan
Mr Roger Fagg
Mr David Fahey
Ms Ehsan Fahmi
Miss Siobhan Fahy
Ms Joanne Fair
Miss Hannah Fairall
Mrs Linda Fairbairn
Mrs Michelle Fairbank
Mrs Shirley Fairbrother
Mrs Alison Fairclough
Miss Emma Fairclough
Ms Heather Fairclough
Ms Beatrice Fairclough-Adamson
Mrs Karen Fairhurst
Mrs Fiona Fairley
Wendy Fairmaner
Mrs Farah Fairweather
Mr John Fairweather
Mr Lionel Fairweather
Mrs Margaret Falconer Drew-Taylor
Mrs Sandra Falcus
Mrs Linda Falkner
Ms Ann Fallon
Ms Imelda Fallon
Miss Sarita Fallon
Mr Greg Falvey
Mrs Daniela Falzon
Mr Ruari Fangman
Mrs Anne Fanning
Ms Bridie Fanning
Mr Gregory Fantham
Mr Robert Farace
Mrs Adele Farag
Mr Peter Fargus
Mrs Inas Farid
Mrs Anne Farmer
Ms Ciara Farmer
Mr Jordan Farnell
Miss Emma Farnsworth
Mr Shaalan Farouk
Ms Michele Farrand
Mrs Elspeth Farrar
Ms Andrea Farrell
Miss Elizabeth Farrell
Mr Fergus Farrell
Miss Hannah Farrell
Dr Kathleen Farrell
Mr Martin Farrell
Ms Patricia Farrell
Ms Sarah Farrell
Mrs Lisa Farren
Mrs Kim Farrington
Mr Mark Farrow
Miss Allison Farrugia
Mrs Stephanie Farry
Miss May Farskoury
Mrs Nafeesa Fathima
Ms Oredola Fatoki
Dr Christopher Fatoyinbo
Miss Louise Faulkes
Mr Andrew Faulkner
Miss Catherine Faulkner
Dr Michael Faulkner
Ms Tanya Faulkner
Mrs Melanie Faulks
Mrs Marcelle Fawcett
Mr John Fawson
Ms Vivienne Fay
Miss Clare Featherstone
Miss Sara Feeley
Ms Sinead Feely
Ms Fidelma Feeney
Mr Mike Feeney
Dr Amanda Feggetter
Ms Susie Fehr
Mr James Felgate
Ms Caroline Felix
Mr Eversley Felix
Mrs Aurea Fellows
Ms Maz Fellows
Mr David Felstead
Dr Robert Feltham
Mrs Alison Felton
Mrs Jean Felton
Mrs Giada Femminella
Mr Gareth Fendick
Mrs Anne Fenech
Miss Deidre Fenech
Ms Melina Fenelon
Mr Peter Fennah
Mrs Pia Fennell
Mrs Sharon Fennell
Ms Kelliann Fennessy
Ms Niamh Fennessy
Ms Lisa Fenton
Mrs Soraya Fenton
Mrs Esther Fenty
Mrs Dawn Fenwick
Ms Sarah Fenwick
Mrs Alison Ferahi
Ms Brigid Ferarrio
Mrs Noa Ferber
Ms Shanaz Ferdus
Mr Andrew Ferguson
Mr Andrew Ferguson
Mrs Claire Ferguson
Mrs Diane Ferguson
Professor Eamonn Ferguson
Dr Julia Ferguson
Ms Mari Ferguson
Mr Moir Ferguson
Mrs Nicola Ferguson
Miss Nicole Ferguson
Pauline Ferguson
Miss Rosemary Ferguson
Ms Sandra Ferguson
Miss Sian Ferguson
Miss Voirrey Fermor
Ms Kathryn Fern
Mrs Sarah Fern
Dr Liory Fern Pollak
Mrs Collina Fernandes
Mr Edwin Fernandes
Mrs Patricia Fernandes
Ms Fiona Fernandez
Guadalupe Fernandez
Mrs Jennifer Fernandez
Miss Maria Fernandez-Ruiz
Ms Sandra Fernie
Mr Christian Ferragamo
Ms Caroline Ferrari
Miss Jana Ferraro
Ms Gail Ferrier
Miss Helen Ferris
Mrs Holly Jane Fey
Miss Corrina Fiddler
Mr Andrew Fiddy
Mr Matthew Fiebig
Mr Austen Field
Mr Christopher Field
Mrs Elizabeth Field
Miss Lauren Field
Dr Oliver Field
Miss Justine Fielden
Mr Martin Fielden
Mr Adam Fielder
Mr John Fielder
Mr Mark Fielder
Ms Catherine Fieldhouse
Dr Gerard Fieldhouse Byrne
Mr Paul Fielding
Ms Sarah Fielding
Miss Maria Filandrianou
Mrs Kathryn Filed
Ms Marie Finan
Ms Maeve Finch
Mr Peter Finch
Mrs Claire Findell
Ms Karen Findlay
Mr Lance Findley
Dr Philip Fine
Miss Rachel Fine
Mr Alan Finer
Ms Pernille Finess
Miss Louise Finlayson
Mrs Wilma Finlayson
Mr James Finn
Ms Bernadette Finnegan
Mr Diarmid Finnegan
Ms Kathy Finnegan
Mrs Laura Finnegan
Ms Marcella Finnerty
Mrs Emily Finney
Miss Dianna Firbank
Mrs Susan Firkins
Mr Farry Firoozieh
Mr Martin Firstbrook
Mrs Katherine Firth
Mr Peter Firth
Ms Yvonne Firth
Mr Abram Fischer
Mrs Elish Fisher
Ms Fiona Fisher
Mrs Hilary Fisher
Mrs Joanna Fisher
Mr John Fisher
Mr Martin Fisher
Miss Natalie Fisher
Mrs Sian Fisher
Mr Stephen Fisher
Mrs Susan Fisher
Mr Andrew Fisk
Mr Boyd Fitch
Miss Annamay Fitzgerald
Mr Brian Fitzgerald
Mr Declan Fitzgerald
Ms Deirdre Fitzgerald
Mr Kevin Fitzgerald
Ms Mary Fitzgerald
Mr Simon Fitzgerald
Mr William Fitzgerald
Ms Elaine Fitzgerald McBarron
Mrs Bernadette Fitzmaurice
Mrs Leyanne Fitzmaurice
Miss Amy Fitzpatrick
Mrs Deborah Fitzpatrick
Mrs Joanne Fitzpatrick
Ms Stephanie Fitzpatrick
Mr Alec Fitzsimons
Ms Mairead Fitzsimons
Ms Shabena Fitzsimons
Miss Claire Fix
Mrs Fleur Flanagan
Mrs Patricia Flanagan
Mrs Elissa Flatters
Miss Sarah Flavell
Mrs Kirsty Flaws
Miss Natalie Flaxman
Dr Isobel Fleming
Miss Judith Fleming
Ms Kerrie Fleming
Ms Sharon Fleming
Mr Ian Flemming
Mrs Corinna Fletcher
Miss Ellen Fletcher
Mrs Hilary Fletcher
Mrs Louise Fletcher
Mrs Patricia Fletcher
Dr Stephen Fletcher
Ms Susan Emma Fletcher
Dr William Fletcher
Stephen Flett
Mr Crawford Flint
Mrs Toni Flint
Dr Jill Flint-Taylor
Ms Anna Flo Arcas
Mr Evan Flockhart
Mr Ian Florance
Ms Andrea Flores Barrantes
Ms Caitlin Flower
Ms Julie Flower
Mr Trevor Flowers
Mrs Joanna Floyd
Miss Elizabeth Floyer
Mr Richard Fluskey
Ms Leanne Flux
Mr Aidan Flynn
Mrs Anne Flynn
Mrs Christine Flynn
Mr Dermot Flynn
Mrs Frances Flynn
Mr Michael Flynn
Mr Sean Flynn
Mr Stephen Flynn
Ms Virginia Flynn
Mrs Gillian Foden
Miss Nicole Foinette
Mrs Alison Foley
Ms Deirdre Foley
Mr Eamon Foley
Mr Kevin Foley
Mrs Rita Foley
Mrs Amy Fong
Miss Wing Fong
Ms Claire Fonseca
Miss Conchita Fonseca
Mrs Susan Foran
Miss Avril Forbes
Mrs Dawn Forbes
Ms Hilary Forbes
Mrs Marion Forbes
Mrs Mavis Forbes
Miss Rachel Forbes
Mrs Sharon Forbes
Mr Alistair Ford
Mr Darren Ford
Mr James Ford
Miss Julia Ford
Ms Eileen Forde
Mrs Karen Forde
Ms Kelly Fordham
Mrs Cathryn Foreman
Ms Katherine Foreman
Miss Claire Forgan
Mr Ian Forrest
Ms Janet Forsyth
Dr Alexandra Forsythe
Mrs Janet Fortey
Ms Caroline Fortunski
Ms Nikki Forward
Mr Peter Foss
Mrs Emma Foster
Mr Glenn Foster
Ms Helen Foster
Mrs Julie Foster
Ms Kate Foster
Mrs Lorraine Foster
Ms Nardia Foster
Mr Nicholas Foster
Mrs Penelope Foster
Mr Simon Foster
Mr Terry Foster
Ms Vicki Foster
Miss Gabrielle Foster-Ferguson
Mr Murray Foulds
Mr Clive Foulkes
Mr Charalampos Fountoulakis
Mrs Laura Fouracre
Ms Julia Fourey-Jones
Ms Susan Fourie
Mr David Fourmy
Mr George Fowler
Ms Joanne Fowler
Mrs Sarah Fowles
Ms Alexis Fox
Mrs Alison Fox
Ms Alison Fox
Mrs Amanda Fox
Ms Catherine Fox
Mrs Claire Fox
Miss Karen Fox
Mrs Madelaine Fox
Miss Marianne Fox
Dr Mark Fox
Mrs Mary Fox
Ms Mary Fox
Mr Andrew Foxley
Mrs Susan Foxon
Ms Maxine Foxwell-Moss
Ms Jill Foy
Mr Ryan Foy
Ms Irene Foylan
Dr Alexander Fradera
Mrs Samantha Frampton
Ms Nicola Franchi
Mr Carl Francis
Mr Jeremy Francis
Mrs Joan Francis
Mrs Josephine Francis
Ms Kirsty Francis
Mr Lawrence Francis
Ms Melanie Francis
Mrs Susan Francis
Ms Susan Francis
Mrs Valerie Francis
Professor Janet Francis-Smythe
Miss Diana Franculescu
Mr Ian Franklin
Miss Kate Franklin
Mr Robert Franklin
Mr Steven Franklin
Mr David Franks
Miss Deborah Franks
Mr Eliot Franks
Mrs Carol Franzen
Dr Keely Frasca
Ms Janet Fraser
Mrs Justine Fraser
Ms Lynn Fraser
Miss Elaine Frawley
Mr Timothy Frawley
Ms Hilary Frazer
Miss Julie Freeborn
Mrs Gail Freedman
Mrs Laurel Freedman
Mrs Claire Freeman
Ms Edel Freeman
Ms Katy Freeman
Mr Paul Freeman
Mrs Sarah Freeman
Dr Sara Freitag
Mrs Gail French
Mrs Jenny French
Ms Astrid Fresacher
Ms Adeline Frew
Dr Caroline Friendship
Mr William Friessner-Day
Mr Jesmond Friggieri
Miss Diana Frimmova
Mr Samuel Frimpong Amoako
Mrs Louise Frisby
Ms Lois Frith
Ms Anne Fritz
Dr Peter Frobel
Mrs Madeleine Frodin
Ms Claire Frodsham
Ms Carolina Frohlich
Ms Nataliya Frolova
Mrs Hadassah Fromson
Mr David Frost
Miss Heather Frost
Mr John Frost
Mrs Karen Frost
Ms Penny Frost
Ms Rachel Frost
Mrs Sara Frost
Ms Siobhan Frost
Dr Anne Fry
Ms Susan Fry
Miss Claire Fryer
Mrs Nicola Fulford
Mr Trevor Fulgence
Mrs Marcia Fuller
Mr Matthew Fuller
Mr Marc Fullman
Miss Anna Fullwood
Mr Eugene Fung
Miss Far-Ming Fung
Mr Wai Fung
Ms Janice Funnell
Ms Fidelma Furey
Mr Frank Furlong
Miss Grace Furlong
Ms Jacqueline Furness
Mrs Elaine Furnivall
Ms Marion Furr
Ms Sarah Furzer
Mr Jeremy Fussell
Mr Christopher Futcher
Mrs Erefa Fynecontry Coker