The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 595

Viewing: G
Ms Eve Gabbay
Mr Dusan Gabor
Mrs Magdalena Gabriah
Miss Chloe Gabriel
Joan Gacusan
Ms Emilie Gadd
Mr Rahul Gadhoke
Mrs Margaret Gaff
Ms Anne Gaffney
Miss Aoife Gaffney
Mr David Gaffney
Mr John Gage
Ms Marianne Galang
Mr Gabriele Galassi
Dr Eoin Galavan
Mr Robert Galavan
Ms Nicola Gale
Miss Gina Galkute
Mrs Diane Gall
Mrs Diane Gallacher
Ms Geraldine Gallacher
Ms Angela Gallagher
Mrs Jaroslava Gallagher
Mrs Julie Gallagher
Ms Karen Gallagher
Miss Kimberley Gallagher
Mrs Lucy Gallagher
Mr Mark Gallagher
Mr Robert Gallagher
Ms Sophie Gallagher
Mr Thomas Gallagher
Mr Timothy Gallagher
Mrs Caroline Gallagher Lavery
Ms Pamela Gallimore
Mr Tim Gallimore
Mrs Rheannon Galloway
Ms Susan Galloway
Mrs Carolyn Galmoye-Webster
Dr Gina Galoppi Ray
Mr Alan Galvin
Mr James Galvin
Mr Richard Galvin
Dr Terence Galvin
Dr Fiona Galway
Mr Andrew Game
Ms Marie Gander
Mr Simon Gander
Dr Julie Gandolfi
Ms Catherine Gannon
Ms Linda Gapper
Mr Paul Gapper
Miss Amy Garbutt
Mrs Judith Garbutt
Ms Dori Garcia Diaz
Mr Jeremy Gardiner
Ms Kerry Gardiner
Mr Anthony Gardner
Mrs Carol Gardner
Miss Kimika Gardner
Mr Neville Gardner
Mrs Norma Gardner
Dr Peter Gardner
Mr Stephen Gardner
Ms Rosalind Garfield-Barkworth
Mr Benjamin Garfitt
Mrs Lisa Garland
Mr Thomas Garland
Mr Andrew Garner
Mrs Esther Garner
Ms Helen Garner
Ms Joanne Garner
Mrs Marie Garner
Mrs Shona Garner
Miss Sarah Garnett
Ms Claudia Garrat
Ms Ingrid Garrett
Miss Deborah Garrod
Ms Frances Garrow
Ms Sarah Garside
Miss Laura Garton
Ms Amanda Gartshore
Ms Victoria Gartside
Mrs Anne Garven
Miss Joanna Garvey
Dr Jeanette Garwood
Mrs Lucy Gascoigne
Miss Anneli Gascoyne
Miss Catherine Gaseltine
Miss Sarah Gash
Mr Alexander Gaskell
Ms Charlotte Gaskell
Ms Traceylee Gaskin
Ms Shirley Gaston
Mr Michel Gastreich
Ms Ali Gatehouse
Mrs Lisa Gater
Mrs Susanna Gatt
Ms Mary Gaughan
Mr David Gaunt
Ms Sheena Gaunt
Mr Stephen Gauntlett
Ms Catherine Gavigan
Mrs Fiona Gavin
Ms Kayleigh Gavin
Mrs Mary Gavin
Mr Andrew Geake
Ms Jirah Gealon
Dr Flannan Geaney
Mr Jonathan Geard-Beney
Mrs Karen Geary
Ms Jacqueline Geddes
Mr David Gee
Mr Ian Gee
Mrs Pamela Gee
Mrs Charlotte Geen
Mrs Julie Geens
Mrs Patricia Geiringer
Dr Garry Gelade
Ms Gabriella Gelo
Mrs Heather Geobey
Mr Anthony Geoghegan
Miss Kerry-Anne Geohagan
Dr Christeen George
Mrs Margaret George
Miss Sarah George
Mr Stewart George
Miss Katina Georgieva
Dr George Georgiou
Mrs Uma Georgiou
Mrs Vanessa Georgiou
Mr Rami Georgiou-Botaris
Mr John Geraghty
Mr Alan Germain
Dr Mala German
Mr Antoine Gerome
Mr Paul Gerrett
Dr Roxane Gervais
Ms Amanda Gethin
Ms Pascal Geuljans
Mr Jethro Geyser
Dr Parastoo Ghalamchi
Miss Tahira Ghani
Mrs Patricia Ghatauray
Ms Natalie Ghattas
Ms Patricia Giannola
Mr Andrew Gibb
Mrs Elizabeth Gibb
Mr Rupert Gibb
Ms Aoife Gibbons
Ms Felicity Gibbons
Ms Karen Gibbons
Dr Patrick Gibbons
Mr Richard Gibbons
Mrs Anne Gibbons-Ellis
Dr Philip Gibbs
Mr Tom Gibbs
Professor Peter Giblin
Dr Anne Gibling
Mr Andrew Gibson
Dr Cara-Louise Gibson
Ms Ellen Gibson
Ms Gwendy Gibson
Miss Jessica Gibson
Mrs Katrina Gibson
Mrs Lorraine Gibson
Mr Mark Gibson
Mrs Ruth Gibson
Dr Simon Gibson
Mrs Sue Gibson
Mrs Tsascha Gibson
Mr Mehtaab Gidda
Mrs Lisa Gidney
Miss Panagiota Gidopoulou
Mrs Sumitra Gidwani
Ms Nerice Gietel
Ms Talia Gifford
Mrs Daniela Gihi
Mrs Alison Gilbert
Ms Elaine Gilbert
Ms Sarah Gilbert
Mr Steven Gilbert
Mr Thomas Gilbert
Mrs Ashwinder Gilbertson
Professor Elizabeth Gilchrist
Miss Annette Giles
Ms Audrey Giles
Miss Hannah Giles
Ms Helen Giles
Miss Sophie Giles
Ms Jayne Gilfillan
Miss Wilma Gilfillan
Ms Anita Gill
Mrs Avril Gill
Ms Carissa Gill
Dr Colin Gill
Ms Kirandeep Gill
Mrs Rhona Gill
Ms Sarah Gill
Mrs Susan Gill
Ms Susannah Gill
Mr Gerry Gillan
Dr Allison Gillen
Dr Morna Gillespie
Dr Elizabeth Gillett
Mr Eoin Gilley
Ms Geraldine Gillick
Ms Aisling Gilligan
Ms Barbara Gilligan
Mr Herman Gilligan
Miss Katie Gilligan
Mr Ian Gilling
Mrs Annette Gillingham
Mr Alexander GIllion
Professor Ewan Gillon
Miss Penny Gillott
Mr Colin Gills
Mr Richard Gilman
Mrs Kelly Gilman-Kayley
Mrs Michelle Gilmore
Mr Ronan Gilmurray
Ms Helyn Gilna
Mr Jeremy Gilpin
Mr Mark Gilroy
Ms Susan Gilson
Mr Michael Gilvarry
Mrs Sarah Giordano
Ms Lauretta Giovannoni
Miss Michelle Gittens
Ms Jacqueline Giudici
Dr Kornilia Givissi
Ms Joanna Glab
Ms Mary Gladwin
Ms Catherine Glaister
Mrs Louise Glasby
Ms Liz Glasgow
Ms Patricia Glass
Mr Anthony Glassberg
Mrs Patricia Glaves
Miss Jolene Glaysher
Mr Martyn Gledhill
Ms Grace Gleeson
Mr Mark Gleeson
Mr Andrew Glen
Mr Ian Glenister
Mrs Susan Glenmere
Miss Bryony Glenn
Mr Steven Glenn
Miss Jenny Glenton
Dr Emily Glorney
Mr Alan Glover
Mrs Ellen Glover
Mr Lee Glover
Mr Paul Glover
Mrs Paula Glover
Mrs Sally Glover
Mr David Glynn
Mr Gnanaraj Gnanaiah
Ms Vivienne Godbold
Ms Denise Goddard
Dr Hannah Goddard
Mr Keith Goddard
Mrs Linda Goddard
Ms Maureen Goddard
Ms Sandra Goddard
Miss Amanda Godfree
Miss Katherine Godfree
Mrs Kirsten Godfrey
Mrs Ruth Godfrey
Dr Kate Godfrey-Faussett
Mrs Susan Godfrey-Payne
Mrs Victoria Godsell
Mr Chikunda Godwill
Ms Smriti Goel
Ms Leanne Goff
Mr David Goffi
Mrs Nino Goguadze
Delwyn Goh
Miss Ee Leng Goh
Mr Kang Goh
Mr Kheng Goh
Miss Gursharan Gohel
Miss Tshoganetso Goitsemang
Ms Angela Goldberg
Mr William Golden
Mr John Golds
Ms Celia Goldsmith
Mr Garry Goldsmith
Miss Leah Goldson
Dr Emma Goldstone
Dr Igor Gomes Menezes
Dr Maria Gondim Lima Vinha
Miss Fronia Gonsalves
Ms Rebecca Gonyora
Ms Rebecca Good
Ms Pat Goodacre
Mrs Natalie Goodall
Mrs Karen Gooday
Mr Dean Goodchild
Mrs Jane Goode
Miss Julia Goode
Mr Ian Gooden
Mrs Carole Gooderham
Mrs Samantha Goodfield
Chris Goodger
Mrs Jennifer Goodhand
Ms Sophie-Ann Goodhind
Mrs Carly Gooding
Mr Mark Goodliffe
Ms Catherine Goodman
Dr Catherine Goodrich
Ms Kate Goodridge
Mrs Katherine Goodsell
Mrs Annabel Goodwin
Ms Rosalind Goodwin
Ms Susan Goodwin
Mrs Anna Gordon
Mrs Debbie Gordon
Mrs Emma Gordon
Miss Helen Gordon
Mr Lee Gordon
Miss Lucy Gordon
Ms Margaret Gordon
Mrs Marian Gordon
Mrs Rachael Gordon
Miss Rachel Gordon
Mrs Tanya Gordon
Mr Paul Gore
Mr Timothy Gore
Mr Paul Goring
Ms Karen Gormal
Mr Kevin Gorman
Ms Rosemary Gorman
Ms Sandra Gorman
Ms Bridget Gormley
Mrs Dawn Gosden
Ms Stephanie Gosling
Mrs Kate Gosney
Mrs Abigail Goss
Ms Ann-Marie Gothard
Ms Marta Gotowicz
Mrs Anne Gough
Mrs Louise Gough
Mrs Nicola Gough
Mr Steffan Gough
Mr Olivier Goulay
Mrs Rebecca Goulbourne
Mrs Amanda Gould
Mrs Elizabeth Gould
Mrs Gillian Gould
Mrs Jennifer Gould
Mrs Susan Gould
Mrs Karen Goulden
Ms Mary Goulding
Mrs Susan Goulding
Ms Caroline Gourlay
Ms Renee Gouws
Mr Douglas Govan
Mr Jonathan Gove
Mrs Amanda Gowland
Mrs Gillian Gowland
Mr David Gowling
Mr Jonathan Gowlland
Ms Kim Gozzett
Ms Catherine Grace
Miss Julie Grace
Miss Heather Jane Gracey
Mrs Anne Grady
Mrs Abbey Graham
Mr Alexander Graham
Mrs Beverley Graham
Mrs Catherine Graham
Miss Claire Graham
Mrs Fiona Graham
Ms Frances Graham
Mrs Gillian Graham
Mrs Grace Graham
Ms Helen Graham
Ms Jacey Graham
Mr James Graham
Mrs Jane Graham
Mr John Graham
Mr Jonathan Graham
Mrs Linda Graham
Mrs Louisa Graham
Ms Lynne Graham
Mrs Maureen Graham
Mrs Natasha Graham
Mrs Nicola Graham
Ms Pamela Graham
Ms Pamela Graham
Ms Pauline Graham
Ms Rachel Graham
Mr Robert Graham
Ms Sheena Graham
Mrs Susan Graham
Dr Teresa Graham
Mrs Victoria Graham
Miss Victoria Graham
Ms Charmaine Grainger
Miss Katarzyna Luiza Gralak
Mrs Stephanie Grand
Ms Miriam Grannell
Mr Adrian Grant
Ms Alex Grant
Mrs Caroline Grant
Dr Christine Grant
Ms Judith Grant
Mr Matthew Grant
Mrs Pauline Grant
Dr Rebecca Grant
Miss Sarah-Jane Grant
Mrs Sharon Grant
Mrs Sieglinde Grant
Ms Rosaleen Grant Doherty
Mrs Zoe Grant-Price
Mr Nigel Grapes
Miss Rebecca Gravell
Mrs Susan Gravells
Ms Jo Graver
Mr James Graves
Mr Nigel Graves
Miss Sofia Graves
Ms Aine Gray
Ms Anne Gray
Ms Claire Gray
Mrs Hannah Gray
Miss Jacqueline Gray
Mr Jonathan Gray
Mrs Julie Gray
Mrs Karen Gray
Mr Kenneth Gray
Mr Marlon Gray
Mrs Natasha Gray
Professor Nicola Gray
Mr Robin Gray
Mrs Stephanie Gray
Ms Valerie Gray
Mr Mark Grayling
Dr Stefania Grbcic
Mr John Greaves
Dr Kennilworth Greaves
Mr Joseph Grech
Mrs Karen Grech
Ms Ailish Greed
Mrs Abigail Green
Mr Anthony Green
Mr Benjamin Green
Mrs Beverley Green
Ms Christine Green
Mrs Dawn Green
Ms Donna Green
Ms Donna Green
Miss Emily Green
Mr Errol Green
Dr Gillian Green
Mrs Helen Green
Mr James Green
Mr Jonathan Green
Mr Mark Green
Miss Melanie Green
Mrs Merroney Green
Mrs Miriam Green
Miss Nicola Green
Miss Rachael Green
Mr Robert Green
Mrs Sally Green
Ms Sharon Green
Mr Simon Green
Mr Wayne Green
Miss Karine Greenacre
Miss Karen Greenaway
Ms Ann Greene
Miss Balissa Greene
Ms Fiona Greene
Ms Melanie Greene
Ms Catherine Greene Hickey
Mrs Janet Greenfield
Mr Clinton Greenford
Mr Malcolm Greenhalgh
Mrs Susan Greenhalgh
Mrs Rebecca Greenhough
Mr Dion Greenidge
Ms Alexandra Greening
Mrs Rebekah Greening
Ms Caroline Greenlee
Dr Lisa Greenspan
Dr Michael Greenspan
Ms Christine Greenway
Mrs Catherine Greenwood
Mrs Coleen Greenwood
Dr Micaela Greenwood
Mrs Tara Greenwood
Ms Frances Greer
Mr Martin Greer
Mr Nicholas Greer
Mrs Stacy Greer
Mrs Elizabeth Greetham
Mrs Julie Greeves
Mrs Sharon Gregg
Mrs Emma Greggains
Mr Alan Gregory
Mrs Alison Gregory
Miss Andrea Gregory
Mr Damian Gregory
Mrs Jane Gregory
Mrs Laura Gregory
Ms Lucy Gregory
Ms Christine Gregson
Miss Susie Grennan
Ms Karam Grewal
Ms Maura Gribbin
Mr Stephen Gribble
Ms Louise Grice
Mrs Kate Grieff
Mrs Lesley Grierson-Hill
Miss Abigail Grieve
Mr Ian Grieve
Dr Davina Griffin
Ms Deirdre Griffin
Mrs Elizabeth Griffin
Miss Karen Griffin
Mr Philip Griffin
Mrs Rebecca Griffin
Mr Thomas Griffin
Mr Tim Griffin
Miss Rebecca Griffith
Mrs Angela Griffiths
Mrs Elaine Griffiths
Ms Hayley Griffiths
Mr Iwan Griffiths
Ms Jacky Griffiths
Mrs Jennifer Griffiths
Mr John Griffiths
Miss Kate Griffiths
Mrs Kate Griffiths
Mr Mark Griffiths
Ms Mary Griffiths
Mr Richard Griffiths
Mr Rob Griffiths
Mrs Sophie Griffiths
Ms Julie Griggs
Mrs Tamara Grigulis
Mrs Fiona Grimes
Mrs Joy Grimes
Dr Bruce Grimley
Ms Jayne Grimley
Ms Tracy Grimshaw
Mrs Carole Grimwood
Mr Melvyn Grimwood
none Morven Grindrod
Ms Elaine Grix
Mrs Emma Grobler
Mrs Andrea Grossman
Miss Alicia Grosvenor
Mr Howard Grosvenor
Mr Lavkesh Grover
Dr Catherine Groves
Mr Christopher Groves
Miss Sarah Groves
Mrs Susan Groves
Dr Amy Grubb
Mr Gernot Gruber
Mrs Catherine Gruenberg
Mrs Helen Grysztar
Ms Tiankai Gu
Ms Yingjie Gu
Miss Omnia Gubara
Ms Gillian Gubbins
Ms Liese Gubbins
Mr Andrew Gudgeon
Miss Roshni Gudhka
Miss Suzanne Guest
Dr Yves Guillaume
Ms Samantha Guise
Miss Attef Gul
Miss Tatiana Gulko
Mrs Rosalind Gullick
Mr Jeremy Gulvin
Dr Kanchana Gunaratna
Ms Amanda Gunn
Miss Claire Gunn
Miss Sarah Gunner
Ms Kusam Gupta
Dr Vandana Gupta
Mrs Patricia Gurney
Mr Manne Guron
Mr Martin Gurr
Miss Pranisha Gurung
Mrs Jenny Gustafsson Straumers
Mrs Patricia Guthrie
Mr Michael Guttridge
Miss Emma Guy
Miss Lisette Guy
Ms Sarah Gwynn
Mrs Sarah Gwynn