The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 541

Viewing: L
Ms Sheryl La Bouchardiere
Mrs Linda Lab
Mr John Labor
Ms Rowena Lacey
Mr Claude Lachat
Mr Sharma KSK Lachu
Mrs Aneeksha Lad
Miss Jacki Ladd
Ms Alka Ladva
Miss Catherine Lafferty
Mrs Shirley Laflin
Mrs Justine Lago
Dr Aftab Laher
Ms Rajyashri Lahiri
Ms Shuet Lai
Ms Yean Lai
Miss Caroline Laidlaw
Miss Kerisha Laing
Miss Elaine Laird
Mr William Lakeman
Ms Stephanie Lakin
Ms Agnieszka Lakinska
Mrs Shaheen Lalani
Miss Alison Lally
Blaithin Lally
Ms Marguerita Lally
Ms Stacey Lally
Mr John Lalor
Miss Hoi Lam
Miss Nathalie Lam
Mr Sofian Lamali
Miss Frances Lambe
Mr Stephen Lambe
Mrs Clare Lambert
Mrs Rachel Lambert
Miss Frances Lambton
Ms Anna Lamont
Ms Julia Lampshire
Ms Caroline Lamsdale
Mrs Fiona Lancashire
Mrs Louise Lancaster
Miss Carolle Land
Mrs Joanne Land
Ms Julia Land
Ms Avital Landau
Mrs Laura Lander
Mr Sean Landers
Mr Edwin Landsberg
Ms Catherine Lane
Ms Ita Lane
Mr Jeffrey Lane
Mrs Jessica Lane
Dr Karen Lane
Miss Kay Lane
Mr Matthew Lane
Miss Rebekah Lane
Mr Jason Lang
Ms Rosemary Lang
Ms Sharon Lang
Ms Victoria Lang
Ms Martha Langan
Ms Lisa Langdale
Ms Maxine Lange
Ms Jacqueline Langford
Miss Emma Langley
Ms Kathryn Langridge
Mrs Julie Langridge-John
Mr Adrian Langton
Ms Annalisa Langton
Miss Heather Langton
Mr Paul Langton-Rose
Ms Bernie Langtry
Ms Karin Lanigan
Ms Louise Lanigan
Dr Sionah Lannen
Mr Valtteri Lansimies
Dr Lydia Lanza
Mrs Elizabeth Larbalestier
Ms Amanda Larcombe
Mrs Lydia Larcum
Ms Geraldine Lardner
Mrs Kim Larkin
Ms Mary Larkin
Miss Nicola Larkin
Mrs Anastasia Larsson
Mrs Anne Lashmar
Mrs Joanne Laskey
Mr John Lateano
Mr Dean Lathbury
Mrs Deanna Lathbury
Mr Farooq Latif
Dr Saima Latif
Ms Maria Latsa
Mr Mark Latuske
Miss Dzing Lau
Mr Godffrey Lau
Ms I-Shan Lau
Mr James Lau
Mr Sunny Lau
Mr Paul Laugharne
Mrs Janine Lau-Pope
Professor Mary Lauri
Ms Christine Laurie
Mr Simon Laurie
Mrs Kamma Laursen-Braham
Ms Paddy Lavelle
Ms Nicola Laverton
Mrs Rhonda Lavery Welsh
Mrs Sarah Lavin
Dr Ho Law
Miss Karyn Law
Mr Kit Law
Mrs Lisa Law
Ms Sarah Law
Ms Alison Lawrence
Mrs Anna Lawrence
Mrs Annabelle Lawrence
Delma Lawrence
Mr Dwight Lawrence
Mrs Gay Lawrence
Mrs Helen Lawrence
Mr James Lawrence
Ms Joanne Lawrence
Mr John Lawrence
Ms Karen Lawrence
Ms Laura Lawrence
Mrs Meliza Lawrence
Mr Robin Lawrence
Mrs Vivien Lawrence
Ms Andrea Laws
Christine Lawson
Mr Desmond Lawson
Mrs Elizabeth Lawson
Mrs Jacqueline Lawson
Mr Robert Lawson
Mr David Lawton
Mrs Jess Lawton
Mr Richard Lawton
Ms Lisa Lax
Mrs Caroline Layne
Miss Lisa Lazar
Ms Gillian Le Coz
Miss Camilla Le Maitre
Mrs Janet Lea
Mrs Kathryn Lea
Mr Paul Leach
Dr Jacqueline Leadbeater
Dr Peter Leadbetter
Mrs Rose Leadbetter
Mr Ivan Leadley
Ms Sally Leaf
Mr Graham Leah
Ms Michelle Leah
Mrs Ann Leahy
Mr Duncan Leahy
Ms Rachel Leahy
Mr Vincent Leahy
Ms Judith Lean
Miss Sandra Learmonth
Ms Sally Learoyd
Mrs Louise Leat
Dr Chris Leather
Mr Toby Leathwood
Mrs Charlotte Leaves
Mrs Sophie LeBlancq
Ms Izabela Leczynska
Ms Sophia Ledingham
Mr Andrew Lee
Miss Danielle Lee
Miss Deanne Lee
Ms Debra Lee
Dr Eimear Lee
Miss Felicity Lee
Dr Frances Lee
Mr Geoffrey Lee
Mrs Janice Lee
Ms Jayne Lee
Ms Judith Lee
Ms Julie Lee
Dr Kham Lee
Ms Laura Lee
Ms Layhong Lee
Ms Marian Lee
Ms Maureen Lee
Ms Nesline Lee
Ms Olga Lee
Pei Lee
Mrs Preena Lee
Mrs Rachael Lee
Mrs Samantha Lee
Ms Sarah Lee
Mr Steven Lee
Mr Tok Yong Lee
Miss Tracey Lee
Ms Victoria Lee
Miss Wanxing Lee
Ms Wei Lee
Mr Yeu Lee
Ms Younghee Lee
Mrs Kathryn Lee Pope
Ms Helen Leeder
Miss Sheena Leek
Mr David Leeming
Mrs Alison (Sally) Lees
Mr John Lees
Mrs Louise Leeson
Ms Ilona Le-Gallou
Mrs Linda Legg
Mrs Michelle Legg
Miss Nicola Legg
Mrs Victoria Leher
Ms Tuija Lehtinen
Ms Chin Lei
Mrs Sigita Leiba
Mr Jonathan Leicester
Ms Monica Leidesdorff
Mr Michael Leigh
Mr Paulo Leitao
Miss Patricia Lemberski
Ms Janina Len
Mr Philip Lennard
Mrs Agnieszka Lenton
Miss Lucy Lenygon
Mr Philip Lenz
Ms Yvonne Leo
Mrs Carrie Leonard
Mrs Madeleine Leonard
Mr Neil Leonard
Mr Paul Leonard
Ms Elouise Leonard-Cross
Ms Catherine Leong
Miss Shengyu Leong
Mr Hsueh Leow
Ms Martine Lepellerin
Mr George Lepine
Dr Keith Lequay
Miss Jennifer Lesnik
Mr Benjamin Lester
Ms Michelle Lester
Ms Sylvia Lester
Miss Marie L'Etendrine
Ms Petra Letkova
Miss Jillian Leung
Dr Karen Leung
Miss Ming Leung
Dr Theseus Leung
Ms Wing Leung
Dr Wing Leung
Ms Wing Leung
Mrs Lisa Lever
Miss Vicky Lever
Mrs Helena Levett
Ms Ruth Levins
Mrs Sophie Levitt
Dr Benjamin Levy
Ms Katherine Levy
Mrs Laura Levy
Mr Robert Lewin
Ms Alison Lewis
Miss Angharad Lewis
Ms Anna Lewis
Mr Barry Lewis
Miss Belinda Lewis
Mrs Carina Lewis
Mrs Christine Lewis
Professor Christopher Lewis
Mrs Clare Lewis
Mrs Clare Lewis
Mr David Lewis
Mrs Denise Lewis
Mr Edward Lewis
Miss Elin Lewis
Mrs Helen Lewis
Mrs Jacqueline Lewis
Mr James Lewis
Mrs Jane Lewis
Mr Jeremy Lewis
Mrs Karen Lewis
Ms Katherine Lewis
Ms Lise Lewis
Mrs Lucy Lewis
Dr Marisa Lewis
Ms Rachael Lewis
Ms Rachel Lewis
Mrs Rachel Lewis
Mr Richard Lewis
Mrs Ruth Lewis
Ms Sarah Lewis
Ms Sarah Lewis
Ms Wendy Lewis
Ms Mechelle Lewis-Downer
Ms Antonia Lewis-Iley
Mrs Rosie Lewis-Oztekin
Mrs Carol Lewthwaite
Mr Peter Lewthwaite
Mr Ian Ley
Ms Jacqueline Leyland
Dr Stephanie Leyland
Ms Caitlin Leyne
Miss Sarah Li
Miss Tsz Li
Zhonghua Liang
Mr Lodfi Liberal
Ms Lucy Licence
Ms Anna Lichota
Miss Hannah Lichwa
Ms Ingrid Lidberg
Kim Liddiard
Ms Anne Liddy
Mrs Clare Liddy
Dr Andreas Liefooghe
Ms Glenda Liell
Dr Maureen Liepins
Ms Gillian Lighton
Mrs Joanne Liles Bowles
Miss Maria Lilius
Ms Tammy Lillie
Ms Ronat Lillis
Miss Eveline Lilly
Ms Ai Lim
Dr Bernard Lim
Mr Charis Lim
Miss Ee Lim
Mr Hong Hock Lim
Ms Pei Lim
Ms Phyllis Lim
Mr Ti Lim
Ms Vera Lim
Ms Wan Lim
Ms Yian Lim
Ms Vicky Lim Sawhoon
Dr Caroline Limbert
Ms Anna Limburn
Miss Shiyin Lin
Mr Derek Lindars
Mrs Emma Linden
Mr Keith Lindley
Dr Patricia Lindley
Miss Caroline Lindner
Mr Christopher Lindsay
Mrs Louisa Lindsay
Mrs Michelle Lindsay
Miss Nicola Lindsay
Ms Paulette Lindsay
Professor Philip Lindsay
Mrs Rachel Lindsay
Miss Rose Lindsay
Mrs Rosemary Lindsay
Dr Susan Lindsay
Mr Thomas Lindsay
Mrs Gail Lineham
Ms Linda Linehan
Mr Robert Liney
Mrs Christine Ling
Miss Stephanie Ling
Miss Helen Linger
Mrs Emma Linke
Mrs Anna Linley
Miss Heather Linton
Mrs Sarah Linton
Ms Angela Liotta
Ms Janice Liow
Mr Jonathan Lipitch
Ms Eileen Lister
Mr Simon Lister
Mrs Julia Litchfield
Miss Liz Little
Ms Kate Littlefair
Mr Jason Liu
Miss Liyun Liu
Miss Xizi Liu
Ms Annemarie Livett
Mr Paul Livock
Mrs Julia Livsey
Mrs Maxine Livsey
Mrs Lisskulla Ljungkvist-Wagner
Mr Colin Lloyd
Mrs Fiona LLoyd
Mrs Glynis Lloyd
Ms Joda Lloyd
Miss Sarah Lloyd
Mrs Tara Lloyd
Mr Brendan Lloyd-Hughes
Mr Christopher Lloyd-Jones
Ms Kate Llufrio
Miss Fiane Lo
Miss Sarah Loades
Mrs Lesley Lobb
Ms Ana Lobo Monteiro
Mr David Lock
Mrs Karen Lock
Mr Michael Lock
Mr Richard Lock
Mrs Angela Lockett
Mrs Giselle Lockett
Ms Victoria Lock-Farley
Mr Patrick Lockhart
Miss Alison Lockwood
Ms Naomi Lockwood
Miss Holly Elizabeth Lockyer
Mrs Karen Lodge
Mrs Susanne Lodola
Mr Bao Loe
Miss Yee Loe
Ms Gabrielle Loffler-Findlay
Ms Kay Logan
Ms Marie Logan
Ms Susan Logan
Miss Phay Loh
Ms Yu Loh
Mrs Ann Lohan
Mr Choon Loke
Dr Wei Loke
Ms Claire Lokke
Miss Anne-Marie Lokwiya
Dr Louise Lomas
Mr Matthew Lomath
Mr James Lonergan
Ms Monica Lonergan
Ms Nollaig Lonergan
Ms Alison Long
Mrs Gaylor Long
Ms Jennifer Long
Mr Lawrence Long
Ms Roisin Long
Mrs Sara Jane Longley
Mr Joachim Longman
Mr Ylenio Longo
Mr Richard Longson
Mrs Alison Longton
Ms Heather Longworth
Mr Y Loo
Mr Weng Looi
Mrs Victoria Looker
Mrs Tais Lopes de Queiroz
Miss Karen Lopez
Ms Natalie Lopez
Miss Cheryl Lord
Ms Kathryn Lord
Miss Leonore Lord
Ms Wendy Lord
Dr Carolyn Lorian
Mr Andrew Lothian
Mrs Melissa Louden
Miss Angela Loudon
Mrs Marie-Therese Loughrey
Dr Angela Loulopoulou
Miss Bridgette Lovatt
Mrs Juliet Love
Miss Helen Loveday
Mr Mark Loveday
Miss Vanessa Lovegrove
Mrs Fiona Lovelace
Ms Nicola Lovelady
Mrs Hilary Lovell
Mrs Nicola Lovell
Ms Sarah Lovering
Mr Mark Lovett
Mr Darko Lovric
Miss Hui Low
Ms Lee Low
Mrs Lisa Low
Mr Stuart Low
Ms Caroline Lowe
Mrs Emily Lowe
Miss Francesca Lowe
Miss Jodie Lowe
Mr Richard Lowe
Mrs Sarah Lowe
Mr Kirk Lower
Mrs Clare Lowerson
Miss Emma Lowery
Mrs Helen Lowes
Ms Sarah Lowes
Mrs Holly Lowes-Bond
Ms Angela Lowi
Miss Anne Marie Lowry
Ms Melina Loyeau
Mr Fabio Loyola
Ms Huihui Lu
Ms Jie Lu
Dr Ling Luan
Mrs Eugenie Lucas
Mrs Jennifer Lucas
Miss Precious Lucas
Mr Stuart Lucas
Miss Tanya Lucas
Miss Maria Lucio
Mrs Maria Lucis
Mr Martin Luckett
Miss Joanna Luckhurst
Mr Jonathan Luckhurst
Mr Richard Luckman
Mr Stephan Lucks
Ms Ann Lucy
Ms Paula Ludlow
Miss Laura Lueneborg
Mr Gary Luffman
Mr Chun Lui
Mr Kin Lui
Ms Nga Lui
Mrs Rachel Lui
Miss Suk Lui
Mrs Victoria Luijten
Miss Nicole Luk
Mrs Miriam Luke
Ms Nicky Luke
Ms Anne Lumsden
Ms Emma Lund
Mr Patrick Lund
Mr Brian Lundy
Mr Nigel Lunniss
Miss Joanna Lunt
Mr David Lurie
Dr Joanne Lusher
Mrs Karen Lusher
Ms Bach Luu
Mr Ian Luxford
Dr Russell Luyt
Mr Anthony Lyddon
Mr Daire Lynam
Ms Aoife Lynch
Ms Averil Lynch
Mrs Carina Lynch
Miss Hannah Lynch
Ms Laura Lynch
Mrs Mary Lynch
Ms Mary Lynch
Ms Maureen Lynch
Miss Nia Lynch
Mr Robert Lynch
Mr William Lynch
Miss Hannah Lynden
Ms Jenny Lynden
Mrs Pauline Lyne
Ms Cynthia Lyon
Mrs Lisa Lyon
Mrs Susan Lyon
Ms Nessa Lyons
Reverend Paul Lyons
Miss Wendy Lyons