The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational, occupational or forensic context test use by the British Psychological Society. Members of the RQTU also agree to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence.

For more details about the BPS qualifications in test use, please visit the Training and Research section.

To search the RQTU for details of an individual test user's qualifications, please enter a test user's surname in the box below. 

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The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 298

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Ms Elaine O Connell
Miss Aoife O Mahony
Mr Daithi O Murchu
Ms Orla O Sullivan
Ms Fiona O' Sullivan Downey
Ms Aryanne Oade
Ms Jane Oakden
Ms Teresa Oakes
Mrs Justine Oakley
Mr Marc Oakley
Mrs Sally Oakley
Miss Katherine Oates
Mrs Mary-Anne Oates
Mrs Paula Oates
Miss Hazel Oatey
Fola Obazee
Mr John Obee
Ms Loretta O'Bee
Mrs Janette Obeng
Ms Anne Oberon
Mr Neil Oblowitz
Ms Carla O'Brien
Mr Conor O'Brien
Ms Eileen O'Brien
Mrs Kathleen O'Brien
Mrs Kerris O'Brien
Ms Michele O'Brien
Mr Neil O'Brien
Mr Nicholas O'Brien
Ms Nora O'Brien
Mr Thomas O'Brien
Dr Alanna O'Broin
Miss Holly O'Broin
Miss Tamsin O'Bryen
Ms Betty O'Callaghan
Ms Mary O'Callaghan
Mrs Margaret Ochieng
Mr Joel Ockwell
Miss Caroline O'Connell
Ms Catherine O'Connell
Ms Claire O'Connell
Ms Jill O'Connell
Ms Meadhbh O'Connell
Ms Patricia O'Connell
Mr Brian O'Connor
Mr Cathal O'Connor
Dr Elinor O'Connor
Ms Heather O'Connor
Mr John O'Connor
Ms Julie O'Connor
Mrs Julie O'Connor
Ms Kate O'Connor
Ms Kathy O'Connor
Mr Kevin O'Connor
Miss Lisa O'Connor
Mr Matthew O'Connor
Mr Neil O'Connor
Ms Niamh O'Connor
Mr Padraig O'Connor
Ms Petronilla O'Connor
Mrs Sarah O'Connor
Mr Seosaidh O'Connor
Ms Stephanie O'Connor
Mr Ted O'Connor
Ms Anita O'Connor-Roberts
Mr Paul O'Dea
Miss Gaynor O'Dell
Mrs Jane O'Dell
Ms Victoria Odhams
Ms Emer O'Donnell
Mrs Joanne O'Donnell
Mrs Linda O'Donnell
Ms Margaret O'Donnell
Margaret O'Donnell
Mr Tom O'Donnell
Ms Kate O'Donoghue
Ms Lorraine O'Donoghue
Ms Rosemary O'Donoghue
Mr Hugh O'Donovan
Miss Louise O'Donovan
Dr Lucy O'Donovan
Ms Roisin O'Donovan
Mrs Christina O'Donovan-Rossa
Ms Eileen O'Driscoll
Mrs Olubunmi Odulaja
Ms Fahamat Odunsi
Mrs Rosemary Oduntan-Oke
Ms Alexandra O'Dwyer
Dr Susanne Oeldenberger
Mr Sam Offer
Miss Victoria Officer
Mrs Patricia O'Flaherty
Ms Laura O'Flynn
Ms Teresa O'Flynn
Miss Jessica Ogden
Mrs Annie Ogilvie
Miss Nicola Ogilvie
Miss Helen Ogilvy
Ms Agnieszka Maria Ogonowska
Miss Kate O'Gorman
Ms Natasha O'Gorman
Mr Philip O'Gorman
Mr David O'Grady
Ms Sile O'Grady
Mr Bola Ogun
Dr Paulette Ogun
Mr Isiaka Ogunnusi
Mr Tony Ogunsulire
Miss Elif Oguz
Ms Joanne O'Hagan
Mr Dermot O'Halloran
Mrs Eleanor O'Halloran
Mrs Ellen O'Halloran
Mrs Ursula O'Hanlon
Miss Danette O'Hara
Mr Mark O'Hara
Ms Teresa O'Hara
Mrs Adrienne O'Hare
Mrs Arrti O'Hare
Mr Ciaran O'Hare
Mr Timothy O'Hare
Mrs Devinder Kaur Ohari
Mr Simon O'Hear
Mr Darren O'Hora
Mr Edwin O'Hora
Mr Dickson Ojukwu
Miss Olaotan Oluwatomi Ojutalayo
Mrs Sylvia O'Kelly
Mrs Olaide Okerinde
Mr Titilope Okin
Miss Jacyntha Okrah
Mr Akinyo Ola
Mrs Chioma Olaleye
Mr Michael Olaniran
Ms Omobolanle Olanrewaju
Ms Elsa Olaru
Mr Ibraheem Olatunde
Mr Don Oldcorn
Mrs Susan Oldham
Mrs Janette Oldland
Mr Andrew Oldroyd
Ms Brigid O'Leary
Mr Michael O'Leary
Dr Nicky O'Leary
Mr Paul O'Leary
Ms Ruth O'Leary
Mrs Jessica Oliphant
Miss Amanda Oliveira
Miss Diana Oliver
Miss Hilary Oliver
Miss Nicola Oliver
Mr Peter Oliver
Miss Rachel Oliver
Mrs Susan Oliver
Mr Nicholas Oliverio
Ms Priscilla Olle
Mrs Bernadette O'Loan
Ms Siobhan Olofsson
Ms Catherine O'Loughlin
Mr James O'loughlin
Mr Abiodum Phillip Oloyede
Ms Titilayo Olusanya
Ms Folashade Olusodo
Mrs Olukemi Olutunbi
Ms Berenice O'Mahony
Dr Brendan O'Mahony
Mr David O'Mahony
Miss Karen O'Mahony
Ms Megan O'Mahony
Ms Hilda O'Malley
Ms Maria O'Malley
Mrs Aisha Omar
Miss Nur Farzana Omar Ali
Ms Yasmin Omary
Mr Ciaran O'Mathuna
Mrs Fiona Omollo
Dr Garret O'Moore
Ms Adeola Omosanya
Mrs Oluwaseyi Onasanya
Mrs Carole O'Neil
Mrs Anne O'Neill
Ms Bridgeen O'Neill
Miss Cathy O'Neill
Ms Glenys O'Neill
Ms Jill O'Neill
Mrs Kerry O'Neill
Mrs Paula Jane O'Neill
Ms Sarah O'Neill
Ms Shauneen O'Neill
Ms Suzanne O'Neill
Mrs Anne O'Neill Cahill
Ms Rusudan Onezashvili
Ms Gillian Ong
Mr Johnathan Ong
Miss Melissa Ong
Miss Milllie Ong
Dr Puay Ong
Mr Yun Ong
Ms Pacharin Ongarthachat
Ms Sangeetha Oommen
Mrs Sandra Oosthuyen
Ms Elizabeth Opaleye
Dr Jennifer Opoku
Mr Valery Oprya
Mrs Tracey Oram
Dr Linda O'Raw
Mrs Melanie Orchard
Mrs Tracey Orde
Maria O'Regan
Ms Arminda O'Reilly
Mrs Grace O'Reilly
Mr Paul O'Reilly
Mr Ryan O'Reilly
Ms Sinead O'Reilly
Mrs Una O'Reilly
Dr Siobhain O'Riordan
Mr Tomas O'Riordan
Ms Linda Orlikova
Mr Oliver Ormston
Ms Bernadette O'Rourke
Mr Brian O'Rourke
Mr Patrick O'Rourke
Rachel O'Rourke
Ms Helen Orpe
Miss Nada Osama Mostafa Abdelbaset
Mr Henry Osborn
Ms Julie Osborn
Mrs Susan Osborn
Mr Andrew Osborne
Ms Natalie Osborne
Ms Samantha Osborne
Mrs Fern Osborne-Tait
Ms Dannika Osei
Miss Martina Oser
Mr William O'Shaughnessy
Ms Christine O'Shea
Mrs Ciara O'Shea
Mr Des O'Shea
Mrs Helen O'Shea
Miss Leah O'Shea
Ms Mary O'Shea
Dr Michael O'Shea
Miss Jadesola Oshisanya
Ms Carole Osterweil
Dr Albert Osthoff
Mr Cathal O'Suilleabhain
Mr Conall O'Suilleabhain
Ms Alanna O'Sullivan
Ms Angela O'Sullivan
Ms Caitriona O'Sullivan
Mrs Carla O'Sullivan
Mr Cillian O'Sullivan
Ms Claire O'Sullivan
Ms Claire O'Sullivan
Miss Joan O'Sullivan
Mrs Lorraine O'Sullivan
Ms Margaret O'Sullivan
Ms Niamh O'Sullivan
Mrs Nuala O'Sullivan
Mr Patrick O'Sullivan
Ms Paula O'Sullivan
Ms Sarah O'Sullivan
Ms Shaunagh O'Sullivan
Ms Susan O'Sullivan
Mrs Valarie O'Sullivan
Mr Stephen Oswald
Mr Simon Oswin
Miss Nana-Efua Otoo
Mrs Sara O'Toole
Ms Jane Otter
Mrs Evelyn Omotayo Otunbade
Mr Ehab Ibrahim Aly Ibrahim Ouf
Ms Laura Ovenden
Mrs Ruth Ovens
Miss Jackie Overington
Miss Karen Overton
Mrs Tina Overy
Mrs Barbara Owen
Mrs Cathryn Owen
Mrs Claire Owen
Miss Deborah Owen
Ms Helen Owen
Mrs Lyn Owen
Mr Mark Owen
Mr Richard Owen
Mr Robert Owen
Miss Sarah Owen
Mr Trevor Owen
Mr Wyn Owen
Mrs Ann Owen-Jones
Ms Dorothy Owens
Mr Peter Owens
Mr Melvin Owers
Miss Charlotte Owiredu-Oppong
Ms Vanessa Owusu-Asabere
Mrs Adebola Oyinloye
Ms Elizabeth Oyombe
Ms Cansu Ozman