The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 552

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Mrs Miroslava Packard
Mr Nicholas Packard
Ms Evelie Padadac
Miss Samantha Padayachy
Mrs Jane Paddock
Mrs Rowena Paddon
Mr Martyn Padley
Miss Hayley Page
Joanne Page
Mrs Nicola Paget
Ms Fiona Pagett
Dr Julie Paine
Ms Rita Paine
Mrs Debbie Pajak
Mrs Jane Pakalski
Miss Jeny Palabasan
Mrs Wilma Paladan
Ms Malar Palaiyan
Mrs Ines Paler
Mrs Joy Palfery
Dr Jason Palframan
Mrs Jyoti Palha
Mrs Ann Palmer
Ms Anne Palmer
Mr Bill Palmer
Mr John Palmer
Mr Lorien Palmer
Mrs Margaret Palmer
Ms Paula Palmer
Ms Rebecca Palmer
Professor Stephen Palmer
Ms Suzanne Palmer
Ms Emma Palmer-Givan
Mr Laurence Paltiel
Mr Tri Pamungkas
Miss Sheila Panchal
Mrs Sarah Pancholi
Ms Poonam Pandit
Mrs Deepali Pandya-Rao
Ms Dominique Pang
Ms Wen Pang
Dr Antonio Pangallo
Ms Anastasia Panidou
Miss Alexandra Pankasz
Miss Eleni Pantazidou
Mr Alexandros Papagiannis
Miss Maria Papalli
Miss Elpida Papathanasiou
Mr Constantinos Pappas
Mrs Claire Papworth
Mrs Kirstie Papworth
Dr Sarah Papworth
Amsa Parambil
Miss Reena Paras
Mrs Marina Pareas
Mrs Angela Parfitt
Mrs Fiona Pargeter
Miss Nawal Parkar
Ms Amanda Parker
Mrs Barbara Parker
Ms Caroline Parker
Dr Colin Parker
Mr David Parker
Mrs Deborah Parker
Ms Emily Parker
Miss Lindsay Parker
Mrs Margaret Parker
Ms Mary Parker
Dr Roxanne Parker
Mrs Sara Parker
Mr Thomas Parker
Mrs Joanne Parkes
Mr Peter Parkhouse
Miss Claire Parkin
Miss Rebecca Parkin
Mrs Vicky Parkin
Mrs Catherine Parkinson
Ms Joanne Parkinson
Miss Nadia Parkinson
Dr Peregrine Parkinson
Mrs Rachel Parks
Miss Jessica Parmar
Mrs Sunita Parmar-Rea
Mr Peter Parnes
Miss Ida Parr Loken
Ms Barbara Parry
Ms Elizabeth Parry
Dr Emma Parry
Ms Gabrielle Parry
Ms Ioana Parry
Ms Joanne Parry
Miss Lesley Parry
Ms Louise Parry
Miss Lydia Parry
Ms Abigail Parry-Madden
Mrs Nina Parson
Mrs Gillian Parsons
Ms Helen Parsons
Miss Joanne Parsons
Miss Louise Parsons
Dr Naomi Parsons
Ms Susanne Parsons
Ms Vanessa Parsons
Ms Charlotte Parton
Miss Julie Partridge
Mrs Karen Partridge
Miss Katherine Partridge
Miss Yvonne Partridge
Ms Andrea Pascali
Dr Nora Pashayan
Ms Debra Paskell
Miss Sara Pass
Mr Marcus Passant
Mrs Patricia Passaro
Dr Jonathan Passmore
Ms Maria Pastorino
Miss Susan Patchett
Mr Anand Patel
Ms Jalak Patel
Ms Janita Patel
Miss Nishe Patel
Miss Nishma Patel
Miss Prina Patel
Mr Pritesh Patel
Mrs Rekha Patel
Mrs Ruth Patel
Ms Shilpa Patel
Dr Sima Patel
Ms Sonam Patel
Mr Urmish Patel
Ms Vina Patel
Mr John Pateman
Dr Volker Patent
Mrs Elizabeth Paterson
Miss Katherine Paterson
Mr Roger Paterson
Mrs Sarah Paterson
Mrs Vicky Paterson
Miss Sushmita Patil
Sharon Patmore
Mrs Alison Patrick
Mrs Annette Patrick
Miss Deborah Patrick
Mr Christopher Patten
Ms Anne Patterson
Ms Catriona Patterson
Miss Chantelle Patterson
Ms Dolina Patterson
Miss Gemma Patterson
Mr Kevin Patterson
Ms Suzanne Patterson
Mrs Annabelle Pattinson
Ms Julia Pattinson
Mr Divij Patwardhan
Mrs Ioana Pau
Mr Francis Paul
Mrs Jeanique Paul-Gopal
Mr Christof Paulischta
Mr Joseph Paulson
Dr Eyal Pavell
Dr Rebecca Pavlides
Mrs Sarah Pawlewski
Ms Elizabeth Pawley
Ms Magdalena Pawluk
Mr Graham Paxton
Mrs Tracey Paxton
Mrs Caroline Payette
Miss Cara Payne
Mr Clive Payne
Mr Clive Payne
Mrs Debra Payne
Ms Elizabeth Payne
Ms Jennifer Payne
Mrs Josie Payne
Ms Linda Payne
Ms Lorraine Payne
Ms Sarah Payne
Mr Timothy Payne
Mr David Peace
Ms Gail Peace
Mrs Hilary Peace
Mr John Peake
Ms Sharon Peake
Mrs Amy Pearce
Mr Kevin Pearce
Mr Mark Pearce
Mr Nigel Pearce
Mr Robert Pearce
Mrs Toni Pearce
Ms Amanda Pearce-Burton
Ms Emma Pearl
Miss Martina Pearl
Dr Michael Pearn
Mrs Andrea Pearson
Mrs Catherine Pearson
Mrs Dawn Pearson
Mr Frank Pearson
Mr Guy Pearson
Ms Jane Pearson
Ms Jill Pearson
Mr John Pearson
Mrs Louise Pearson
Mrs Nicola Pearson
Mrs Rebecca Pearson
Mr Robert Pearson
Mrs Sarah Pearson
Mr Peter Pease
Mrs Sara Peat
Ms Andrea Peck
Mrs Ruth Peck
Mr Jeremy Peel
Dr Lindsay Peer
Ms Delia Pegg
Mr Andrew Peisley
Dr Dario Pellegrini
Ms Louise Pellett
Miss Ann Pemberton
Ms Carole Pemberton
Ms Lornette Pemberton
Mrs Kathleen Pembry
Dr Maria Pena
Mr Adrian Pender
Dr David Pendleton
Mr Shaun Pendry
Dr Yvonne Pendry
Mr Tom Penney
Dr David Pennington
Dr Martin Penny
Miss Joanna Pennycook
Mrs Daryl Penton
Mrs Karen Peploe
Mrs Philippa Peploe
Miss Kathryn Pepper
Mrs Marylyn Pepper
Mr Aaron Percival
Mrs Susan Percival
Ms Maria Perego
Ms Agata Perepeczko
Ms Encarnacion Perez Diaz
Mrs Frances Perkin
Dr Adam Perkins
Dr Joanne Perkins
Ms Karen Perkins
Mr Robert Perkins
Mrs Charlotte Perks
Mr Darren Perks
Mrs Anne Perret
Mrs Hazel Perrett
Mr Terence Perrin
Mrs Sarah Perrott
Mrs Alison Perry
Mr Brian Perry
Ms Gemma Perry
Mr Ian Perry
Ms Jane Perry
Mr Julian Perry
Mr Philip Perry
Mr Harry Persaud
Mrs Jaimie Persson
Miss Mandy Peskett
Mrs Frances Pestana
Miss Sophie Pestell
Miss Alice Petch
Mrs Jennifer Peters
Miss Rebecca Peters
Ms Daniela Petrassi
Mrs Julie Petrie
Ms Patricia Petrie
Miss Annita Petrou
Ms Lily Petrova
Mrs Sophia Petrova-Koleva
Mrs Madeleine Petzer
Ms Dk Pg Redzuan
Ms Lay Pham
Mr Chan Phang
Miss Gillian Phazey
Mr Gary Pheiffer
Dr Ceri Phelps
Mr Charles Phelps
Melanie Phelps
Mrs Laura Phelps-Naqvi
Ms Yvette Phillip
Mr Anthony Phillips
Ms Fiona Phillips
Mrs Hannora Phillips
Ms Hazel Phillips
Miss Jennifer Phillips
Mrs Jennifer Phillips
Mr John Phillips
Mrs Juliette Phillips
Mr Keri Phillips
Mrs Kerry Phillips
Ms Kim Phillips
Miss Lucy Phillips
Mary Phillips
Mrs Moira Phillips
Mrs Pamela Phillips
Mrs Stephanie Phillips
Mr Stephen Phillips
Mrs Susan Phillips
Miss Suzanne Phillips
Ms Suzy Phillips
Ms Vicky Phillips
Mr William Phillips
Mrs Susie Phillips-Baker
Mrs Jemma Phillips-Grant
Ms Anne Phillipson
Mrs Gemma Phillips-Pike
Ms Busola Phillips-Scarlett
Ms Anne Philpott
Mr Darren Philpott
Ms Audrey Philson
Mrs Emily Phipp
Mr Adrian Phipps
Dr Denham Phipps
Miss Jayne Pickard
Miss Jessica Pickard
Mrs Julie Picken
Dr Lynsay Pickering
Mrs Sarah Pickering
Ms Sarah Pickering
Mrs Gillian Pickersgill
Mrs Joy Pickett
Mrs Sarah Pickup
Miss Elizabeth Pickwick
Mrs Tahlita Picton
Mrs Maria Pienaar
Dr Dennis Piercy
Mrs Maria Pierides
Mrs Mary Pierson
Mr Richard Pierson
Mr Regan Pieterse
Ms Alison Pigot
Ms Caroline Pike
Mrs Gabrielle Pilgrim
Dr Adele Pilkington
Mr Manoj Pillai
Mrs Tara Pillay
Mrs Julie Pilling
Mr Stephen Pimbblet
Ms Jane Pimblett
Mr Anthony Pinczewski
Ms Julia Pinder
Ms Sharon Pine
Mrs Bridget Pinfield
Miss Daniela Pinger
Ms Emma Pinington
Mrs Amanda Pipe
Miss Bruntha Pirapakaran
Mrs Tejal Pisavadia
Mrs Elizabeth Pistorius
Miss Harriet Pitman
Mrs Lisa Pitman
Dr Anna Pitt
Mrs Mary Pittuck
Mr Richard Plank
Mr Chistopher Plant
Mrs Victoria Plant
Ms Claire Platais
Mrs Louise Platt
Dr Tracey Platt
Mrs Michelle Platton
Mr Conall Platts
Ms Helen Platts
Miss Emma Player
Mrs Rebecca Playfoot
Mr Michael Pleasants
Ms Magdalena Plech-Blair
Mrs Aretha Plowman
Mr Christopher Plumb
Mrs Caitriona Plunkett
Ms Julie Pochetty
Ms Li Poh
Miss Charlotte Points
Mrs Karen Points
Miss Natalie Polaine
Mrs Emma Polglaze
Mr Nathan Polius
Mrs Victoria Poll
Mrs Cynthia Pollard
Dr Elysabeth Pollard
Ms Helen Pollard
Mrs Rachel Pollard
Dr Jane Pollock
Mrs Claire Poltock
Dr Kathryn Pomerantz
Miss Jemma Pomfrey
Mr Gavin Pommernelle
Ms Catherine Poole
Mrs Lotte Poole
Ms Louise Poole
Mr Kin Poon
Miss Jivone Poonia
Mrs Tudorita Pop
Mrs Alexandra Pope
Mr Jonathan Pope
Mrs Sally Popham
Mr Alexey Popov
Mrs Tracey Porcher
Miss Clare Porciani
Miss Iris Porrez
Miss Jennifer Portalska
Miss Margaret Porte
Miss Charmaine Portelli
Mrs Mariella Portelli
Miss Alison Porter
Mrs Beverley Porter
Mr Derek Porter
Ms Elizabeth Porter
Mrs Imelda Porter
Mrs Julie Porter
Mrs Marian Porter
Mr Neil Porter
Mr Thomas Porter
Mrs Jane Posnett
Mrs Kirstin Postlethwaite-Thomas
Ms Natsupa Pothiprasat
Dr Amanda Potter
Miss Charlotte Potter
Mr Marshall Potts
Mr Richard Potts
Ms Rosemary Potts
Mr Nigel Poulton
Mrs Rachel Pounder
Mrs Julia Pountney
Miss Isabella Pourtaheri
Mr Nigel Povah
Mrs Leah Jane Povey
Dr Karin Powderly-Hahn
Miss Evalyn Powell
Miss Hannah Powell
Miss Joanne Powell
Mrs Laura Powell
Mrs Lisa Powell
Mr Owen Powell
Ms Susan Powell
Mrs Suzanne Powell
Lieutenant Colonel Trefor Powell
Dr Vikki Powell
Mrs Annette Powell-Wiffen
Ms Anita Power
Mr Colmcille Power
Ms Geraldine Power
Ms Marie Power
Miss Victoria Powles
Ms Lesley Powley
Mrs Jacqueline Pownall
Miss Gauri Pradhan
Mrs Shubha Prasad
Dr Merce Prat-Sala
Ms Alison Pratt
Mr Michael Pratt
Mr Melvyn Preece
Ms Roslyn Preen
Miss Caroline Prendergast
Miss Kaemorine Prendergast
Ms Paula Prendeville
Mrs Rosalind Prenter
Mrs Susan Prentice
Mrs Penelope Prentis
Ms Mary Prenty
Mrs Linda Prescod
Ms Vivienne Prescot
Ms Susan Prescott
Mrs Debra Presley
Mrs Sarah Press
Mrs Suzanne Pressney
Ms Gaenor Prest
Mrs Alice Price
Mrs Alison Price
Ms Alison Price
Mr Andrew Price
Dr Angela Price
Ms Angela Price
Dr Anna Price
Mrs Catherine Price
Miss Claire Price
Mr David Price
Miss Eleanor Price
Ms Elizabeth Price
Ms Emily Price
Mrs Lee Price
Ms Megan Price
Mr Moshe Price
Mr Paul Price
Mrs Randa Price
Dr Ruth Price
Mrs Victoria Price
Miss Adele Prichard
Mr Daniel Pride
Mr Ben Priest
Miss Cathryn Priestley
Mrs Emma Priestley
Miss Emma Priestley
Mr Ewa Priestley
Mr Jeffery Priestley
Mr Rob Priestley
Mr Richard Priestman
Ms Elizabeth Prince
Mrs Sue Prince
Dr Marian Prinsley
Ms Helen Prior
Ms Zara Prior
Mrs Clarissa Prior-Jones
Miss Anne-Marie Pritchard
Mrs Emma Pritchard
Mr Neil Pritchard
Mr Simon Pritchard
Mrs Angela Privett
Mr Mark Probert
Mr Alastair Procter
Mrs Kate Procter
Mr Stuart Proctor
Mr Nikolaos Prodromitis
Mr Antony Profili
Miss Stephanie Profitlich
Ms Sofia Prokopi
Ms Niki Prokopiou
Mr Dominic Prosser
Mr Anthony Proud
Mrs Victoria Proud
Ms Emma Proudley
Miss Pattaree Pruttitammakul
Mrs Kisane Prutton
Miss Barbara Pryce
Miss Clarissa Pryce
Mrs Florence Pryce
Mrs Nina Ptok
Mr Harry Puckering
Mr Juan Puente Castillo
Mrs Paula Pugh
Ms Agnieszka Pulfer
Mrs Melanie Pullan
Mrs Allyson Pulleyn
Mr David Pullinger
Ms Rowena Pulvermacher
Dr Caroline Pung
Ms Namita Punjabi
Ms Sheila Purcell
Miss Bhakti Purohit
Mr Shyamenda Purslow
Ms Denise Purssey
Ms Susan Purton
Mrs Samantha Purves
Ms Sabrina Puschiasis
Mr David Pusey
Ms Joanna Putler
Mrs Pamela Putt
Mrs Ann Pyatt
Mrs June Pye
Mrs Kathryn Pyke
Mr Mark Pym