The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

The Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) is the official record of all test users who have been awarded qualifications in educational or occupational test use by the British Psychological Society who have also agreed to abide by the Code of Good Practice in Psychological Testing and to maintain their competence. Every 6 years entrants on the RQTU are required to affirm they have maintained their competence and they may be required to submit evidence to support this affirmation. See An Introduction to the Register of the BPS' Qualifications in Test Use for more information.

Number of Register entrants found: 741

Viewing: W
Mrs Roisin Wadding
Mrs Margaret Waddington
Mrs Hazel Wade
Mrs Kerry Wade
Mr Neville Wade
Mrs Nicole Wade
Mrs Anisha Wadhwani
Mr Roger Wadsworth
Mr James Waghorn
Ms Angela Wahl
Mr Jost Wahlen
Dr Anthony Wainwright
Mrs Susan Wait
Mr Adrian Waite
Ms Alexis Waitman
Mrs Arlene Wake
Mrs Lyn Wakefield
Mrs Sally Wakeford
Ms Kim Wakelam
Mrs Anne-Michelle Walcott
Ms Ewa Walczynska-Rezk
Mrs Susan Waldock
Ms Kay Waldron
Mr Richard Waldron
Miss Charlotte Walf
Dr Alan Walker
Miss Alexandra Walker
Mrs Amanda Walker
Mr Anthony Walker
Mrs Cara Walker
Mrs Clare Walker
Mr Clive Sebastian Walker
Mrs Debbie Walker
Mrs Deborah Walker
Mr Edward Walker
Ms Elizabeth Walker
Ms Emma Walker
Miss Gabrielle Walker
Miss Georgia Walker
Mr Ian Walker
Mr Ian Walker
Ms Jacqueline Walker
Mrs Jennifer Walker
Miss Jill Walker
Ms Julie Walker
Mrs Karen Walker
Mrs Lorraine Walker
Miss Lynn Walker
Mr Martin Walker
Mrs Petra Walker
Miss Sarah Walker
Miss Simone Walker
Mrs Sue Walker
Dr Timothy Walker
Dr Yvonne Walker
Ms Emma Walker-Cotton
Miss Andrea Walkerdine
Ms Gillian Wall
Ms Anne Wallace
Mr Des Wallace
Mrs Fiona Wallace
Mr Lyndon Wallace
Mrs Marian Wallace
Mr Steven Wallace
Mr William Wallace
Mrs Lisa Waller
Mrs Lynne Walley
Mr Peter Wallich
Miss Melanie Wallinger
Ms Ingrid Wallnofer
Mrs Claire Walls
Ms Nora Walls
Miss Terese Wallstrom
Mrs Sarah Walmsley
Ms Anita Walsh
Mr Antony Walsh
Ms Catherine Walsh
Mrs Catherine Rowena Walsh
Mr Damian Walsh
Mrs Gr inne Walsh
Ms Grace Walsh
Mrs Hannah Walsh
Mrs Josephine Walsh
Mrs Kim Walsh
Mrs Marianne Walsh
Mr Mark Walsh
Mrs Nicola Walsh
Miss Nicola Walsh
Ms Pauline Walsh
Ms Ann Walsh Connolly
Mrs Liza-Jane Walter-Nelson
Ms Anne Walters
Mrs Bernadette Walters
Mrs Claire Walters
Mr Hamish Walters
Mrs Katherine Walters
Mrs Tina Walters
Ms Una Walters
Mrs Jill Walters Eaton
Mr Malcolm Walton
Mr Mark Walton
Dr Michael Walton
Ms Vivien Walton
Mr Jiajuan Wang
Miss Yishu Wang
Mr Ruwan Wanigasekera
Mrs Karen Wanliss
Miss Helen Wannell
Mr Joel Warburton
Mr Adrian Ward
Mrs Alexandra Ward
Mrs Alexis Ward
Mrs Ann Marie Ward
Miss Caroline Ward
Ms Catherine Ward
Mrs Christine Ward
Ms Claire Ward
Ms Deirdre Ward
Mrs Frances Ward
Mr Hugh Ward
Mrs Jacqueline Ward
Mrs Jayne Ward
Mr John Ward
Ms Julia Ward
Mrs Maxine Ward
Ms Rachel Ward
Ms Rachel Ward
Miss Samantha Ward
Ms Sharon Ward
Miss Sophie Ward
Mrs Wendy Ward
Miss Shonagh Wardell
Mr Simon Wardell
Ms Fiona Ward-Tynan
Ms Louise Ware
Mr Barry Wareing
Mr Brian Wark
Ms Valerie Wark
Ms Adana Warner
Mr David Warner
Ms Julie Warner
Dr Lucy Warner
Mrs Melanie Warner
Miss Rebecca Warner
Mrs Sheelagh Warner
Mrs Leanne Warnes
Miss Stephanie Warnes
Mrs Susan Warnke
Dr Susan Warnock
Miss Jaime Warr
Mr Richard Warr
Mrs Joelle Warren
Mr John Warren
Dr Laura Warren
Ms Louisa Warren
Ms Sheila Warren
Ms Eloise Warrilow
Miss Ellie Warrington
Miss Rachel Warwick
Mrs Uzma Waseem
Miss Teresa Wasilewska
Ms Heather Waterhouse
Mrs Anne Waterman
Mrs Carolyn Waters
Mr Joe Waters
Mrs Joanne Waterworth
Dr Fatimah Wati Halim
Mrs Cheryl Watkins
Mrs Gillian Watkins
Dr Gillian Watkins
Mr John Watkins
Mrs Katherine Watkins
Miss Melanie Watkins
Mrs Sue Watkins
Mrs Vicki Watkins
Mrs Sarah Watkinson
Ms Carole Watling
Mrs Amanda Watson
Mrs Christine Watson
Mrs Claire Watson
Miss Deborah Watson
Ms Elisabeth Watson
Mrs Georgina Watson
Mr Graham Watson
Mrs Joanne Watson
Ms Katharine Watson
Ms Kyra Watson
Mrs Mary-Joyce Watson
Mrs Mhairi Watson
Mr Peter Watson
Mrs Rachael Watson
Mrs Sue Watson
Ms Neslyn Watson-Druee
Mrs Alison Watt
Mrs Claire Watt
Mr Frank Watt
Ms Heather Watt
Miss Andrea Watters
Mrs Louise Watters
Mrs Verity Faith Watters
Miss Sarah Wattie
Miss Emily Watton
Mr Mark Watton
Ms Annie Watts
Mrs Beverley Watts
Mrs Ingrid Watts
Miss Nicola Watts
Mr Peter Watts
Ms Sara Watts
Mr Steven Watts
Ms Alyson Waugh
Ms Katherine Waugh
Ms Tina Waugh
Mr Andrew Waugh-Bacchus
Mr Shane Waughman
Mrs Milica Way
Mr Christopher Waymark
Mr Rabei Wazzeh
Ms Anne Weadick
Mrs Michelle Wears Browne
Ms Chelsea Weaver
Mrs Amanda Weaving
Mrs Dorothy Webb
Ms Jo Webb
Mr Jonathon Webb
Miss Nikki Webb
Mrs Rachel Webb
Mrs Rachel Webb
Miss Tessa Webb
Mr Vince Webb
Mr David Webber
Mr Julian Webber
Ms Sue Webber
Mr Hugh Webster
Miss Jennifer Webster
Ms Joanne Webster
Miss Katherine Webster
Mr Kevin Webster
Ms Louise Webster
Miss Mary Webster
Mr Michael Webster
Mr Michael Webster
Mr Stephen Webster
Mr Timothy Webster
Ms Seo Wee
Ms Gillian Weekes
Dr Sally Weeks
Ms Rukshani Weerasinghe
Mrs Patricia Weglarz
Mr Jin Wei
Ms Lyn Weimer
Dr Ashley Weinberg
Mrs Luisa Weinzierl
Mrs Jane Weir
Miss Tamsaine Weir
Mrs Vanessa Weir
Ms Sussy Weke
Mr Ian Welborn
Ms Jessica Welch
Mr Jonathan Weldon
Mr Paul Weldon
Mr Christopher Welford
Mrs Jacqueline Welford
Miss Natalie Welington
Mrs Julia Wellbelove
Mrs Jacqueline Weller
Mr Mark Weller
Ms Ruth Wellin
Dr Cecilia Wells
Mrs Nikki Wells
Mr Roderick Wells
Mr Steve Wells
Miss Susanna Wells
Mr William Wells
Ms Lorna Wellsteed
Ms Susan Wellum
Mrs Jayne Welsh
Mr Steven Welsh
Mrs Sarah Wenmoth
Mr Marc Wentworth
Dr Eric Wenzel
Dr Christopher Werner-de-Sondberg
Dr Caroline Wesson
Mrs Sarah Wesson
Mr Andrew West
Mrs Anna West
Ms Fiona West
Ms Joanna West
Dr Laura West
Mrs Lyn West
Miss Tracy West
Mrs Trudi West
Ms Elanor Westbury
Ms Kate Westcott
Miss Sophia Westcott
Mr Stuart Westcott
Ms Dana Wester
Ms Harriet Western-Williams
Mrs Helen Westgate
Mrs Elizabeth Westlake
Mrs Vikki Westoby
Mrs Kelly Weston
Mrs Suzanne Weston
Ms Tanya Weston
Mrs Carole Westwick
Mr Gary Whall
Ms Sara Whalley
Mrs Nicola Wharam
Ms Jane Wharmby
Mr Neville Wharton
Dr Lynne Whatmore
Mr Richard Wheatley
Miss Sarah Wheatley
Mrs Suzanne Wheatley
Mrs Miranda Wheatley-Price
Mr Trevor Wheatly
Miss Amy Wheatman
Ms Linda Wheaton
Mr Ian Wheeler
Mrs Jane Wheeler
Mrs Lisa Wheeler
Mrs Louise Wheeler
Mrs Rebecca Wheeler
Ms Sarah Wheeler
Miss Suzanne Wheeler
Mr Simon Wheeler-Jones
Mrs Diane Whelan
Mr Gregory Whelan
Mrs Janette Whelan
Mr Maurice Whelan
Mr Joe Whelehan
Ms Rachel Wheller
Mrs Gillian Whensley
Mr Philip Whichello
Miss Victoria Whieldon
Mr James Whinnett
Mr Robin Whitby
Mrs Alisa White
Ms Amanda White
Mr Andrew White
Mr Andrew White
Mr Andrew White
Miss Anne-Marie White
Mr Benedict White
Ms Carol White
Ms Clare White
Mr David White
Mr Gary White
Mrs Jennifer White
Ms Julie White
Miss Kirsty-Anne White
Mr Lee White
Ms Lynn White
Ms Mary White
Mrs Michele White
Ms Nicola White
Miss Rachel White
Mr Richard White
Mrs Sarah White
Ms Sarah White
Mr Simon White
Miss Vicky White
Mrs Victoria White
Mr Jonathan Whitefield
Miss Ashley Whitefoot
Mrs Marie Whitefoot
Mrs Cheryl Whitehair
Mrs Charlotte Whitehead
Miss Debbie Whitehead
Mr Gary Whitehouse
Mrs Jacqueline Whitehouse
Ms Caroline Whitehurst
Ms Jane Whiteside
Ms Sarah Whitewick
Mr Matthew Whitfield
Ms Michele Whitfield
Miss Rachel Whitfield
Mr Stephen Whitfield
Mrs Carolyn Whiting
Mrs Tara Whiting
Ms Sarah Whitman
Mrs Tina Whitmarsh
Mr Andrew Whitmore
Mrs Elizabeth Whitson
Mrs Kim Whittaker
Miss Leonie Whittaker
Ms Carol Whittle
Carole Whittle
Ms Leanne Whittle
Mr Mark Whittle
Miss Lisa Whittleton
Ms Candy Whittome
Mrs Anne Whyte
Mr William Whytock
Dr Ines Wichert
Mrs Teresa Wickers
Ms Gillian Wicks
Mr Howard Widdicombe
Mrs Julie Widdicombe
Mr Liam Widdop
Mr Julian Widdows
Ms Amanda Widdowson
Mr Glenn Widelko
Miss Samira Wiechmann
Mr Niklas Wiedemann
Mrs Deborah Wiggill
Ms Amy Wiggins
Miss Clare Wignall
Mr David Wignall
Ms Michele Wilcox
Mrs Marieke Wilcox-Roldanus
Mrs Anita Wild
Miss Ciara Wild
Miss Sarah Wilding
Mrs Katie Wildon
Mr Donie Wiley
Mr Peter Wilford
Ms Victoria Wilken
Mrs Natalie Wilkerson
Ms Jean Wilkes
Mrs Michelle Wilkes
Mr Daniel Wilkey
Dr Derek Wilkie
Miss Emily Wilkin
Mr Andrew Wilkins
Miss Joanne Wilkins
Ms Karen Wilkins
Mr Adam Wilkinson
Mrs Danielle Wilkinson
Mrs Nerys Wilkinson
Miss Clare Willan
Mr Graham Willard
Miss Zoe Willard
Mrs Melanie Willatt
Mr David Willcock
Mrs Alison Williams
Miss Amy Williams
Mr Benjamin Williams
Miss Carson Williams
Mrs Cheryl Williams
Mr Colin Williams
Miss Corinne Williams
Mr David Williams
Mr David Williams
Mrs Dorothy Williams
Dr Edward Williams
Ms Elisabeth Williams
Mrs Elizabeth Williams
Mrs Gillian Williams
Mrs Hannah Williams
Miss Hannah Williams
Ms Hannah Williams
Miss Hayley Williams
Mr James Williams
Ms Jennifer Williams
Mrs Joanne Williams
Mr John Williams
Miss Julia Williams
Mr Karl Williams
Miss Kerryn Williams
Miss Lauren Williams
Mr Lewis Williams
Ms Lisa Williams
Mrs Louise Williams
Ms Lynn Williams
Dr Marylin Williams
Ms Mary-Louise Williams
Mrs Millie Williams
Miss Nicola Williams
Ms Olwen Williams
Mrs Pat Williams
Mr Paul Williams
Miss Rebecca Williams
Ms Rebekah Williams
Mr Robert Williams
Mr Robin Williams
Miss Roselyne Williams
Miss Sade Williams
Ms Sara Williams
Mrs Sarah Williams
Mrs Sarah Williams
Ms Sarah Williams
Mr Simon Williams
Mr Steven Williams
Miss Tamsin Williams
Mrs Teresa Williams
Ms Veronica Williams
Mrs Catherine Williams-Gunn
Mr Andrew Williamson
Mrs Elizabeth Williamson
Mrs Karin Williamson
Mrs Michele Williamson
Miss Patricia Williamson
Ms Rebecca Williamson
Mr Andrew Willis
Mr Douglas Willis
Mrs Emily Willis
Mrs Glenis Willis
Ms Janet Willis
Mrs Janice Willis
Mr Mark Willis
Mrs Ritva Willis
Mr Rod Willis
Mrs Tina Willis
Mrs Amanda Willmott
Mrs Barbara Willoughby
Ms Jayne Willows
Mr Alasdair Wills
Mrs Laura Wills
Mr Stefan Wills
Ms Lucy Wilman
Ms Wendy Wilmont
Ms Alison Wilson
Miss Angela Wilson
Mrs Anita Wilson
Ms Anna-Claire Wilson
Miss Beth Wilson
Mrs Carole Wilson
Ms Caroline Wilson
Ms Carolyn Wilson
Miss Catherine Wilson
Mr Christopher Wilson
Mr Christopher Wilson
Mrs Claire Wilson
Mr Derek Wilson
Ms Gemma Wilson
Mr Ian Wilson
Mrs Janice Wilson
Ms Jeanette Wilson
Ms Jeanette Wilson
Miss Joanna Wilson
Dr Kathlyn Wilson
Miss Laura Wilson
Dr Lisa Wilson
Mrs Lisa Wilson
Mrs Margaret Wilson
Mr Martin Wilson
Ms Mellissa Wilson
Dr Niah Wilson
Mr Nigel Wilson
Dr Nigel Wilson
Mr Paul Wilson
Dr Paul Wilson
Ms Paula Wilson
Mr Philip Wilson
Dr Rachel Wilson
Mrs Sharon Wilson
Mrs Sharon Wilson
Mrs Susan Wilson
Mrs Lindsay Wilson-Jones
Dr Kevin Wilson-Smith
Mrs Lynn Wilton
Mrs Fiona Wilyman
Dr Varuni Wimalasiri
Miss Rebecca Winchester
Dr Belinda Winder
Mr Christopher Winek
Miss Charlotte Winfield
Mr Mark Winfield
Ms Mo Winfield
Mr Alan Wingrove
Mrs Amelie Winhard-Stuart
Mr Anthony Winkless
Mr Julian Winmill
Mrs Pauline Winn
Mrs Anne Winn-Turner
Mrs Heidi Winser
Miss Rebecca Winser
Mr David Winspear
Dr Kelly Winstanley
Ms Carole Winter
Ms Karen Winter
Mr Neil Winter
Mrs Valerie Wintersgill
Mrs Sarah Winwood
Mrs Debbie Wise
Joanna Wise
Miss Rebecca Wise
Ms Mandy Wishart
Mr Rinekso Wismanto Laban
Mr Peter Wisniewski
Ms Linda Witham
Dr Jacqueline Withers
Mrs Carol Withington
Mr Alfie Witsey
Mrs Abigail Witting
Ms Mary Witton
Mr Lee Witts
Miss Sarah Witwicka
Mr Johann Wium
Miss Verena Woehler
Dr Cecilia Wolfenstein
Ms Jacqueline Wolff
Ms Natania Wolfson-West
Mrs Rebecca Wones
Mr Chi-Kin Wong
Mr Daryl Wong
Miss Georgina Wong
Miss Joan Wong
Miss Joanna Wong
Ms Nga Wong
Ms Rachel Wong
Ms Serene Wong
Mr Shui Wong
Ms Sin Wong
Ms Siu Wong
Ms Theresa Wong
Mr Vincent Wong
Ms Yee Nee Adina Wong
Miss Ying Yi Kristie Wong
Mr Harold Wong Chee
Miss Eunice Woo
Mrs Alison Wood
Mrs Amanda Wood
Ms Carol Wood
Mrs Caroline Wood
Mrs Claire Wood
Dr Clare Wood
Mr Derek Wood
Mrs Isobel Wood
Mrs Jill Wood
Mrs Katie Wood
Ms Lesley Wood
Mr Michael Wood
Mrs Natasha Wood
Mr Peter Wood
Mrs Rachel Wood
Mr Richard Wood
Mr Robert Edward Wood
Mrs Sarah Wood
Mr Simon Wood
Miss Sophie Wood
Mr Timothy Wood
Ms Clare Woodcock
Ms Victoria Woodcock
Ms Jessica Woodhams
Miss Helen Woodhouse
Mr Bruce Wooding
Mrs Emily Woodley
Mr Wayne Woodley
Mrs Louise Woodman
Mrs Annette Woodruff
Dr Charles Woodruffe
Mrs Anne Woods
Ms Bernadette Woods
Mrs Catherine Woods
Mr David Woods
Mr Declan Woods
Ms Emma Woods
Ms Julie Woods
Professor Kevin Woods
Mrs Maria Woods
Mr Martin Woods
Professor Stephen Woods
Mr Alexander Woodward
Mr Colin Woodward
Dr Emma Woodward
Mrs Hilary Woodward
Mr Ian Woodward
Miss Kelly Woodward
Mrs Victoria Wood-Williams
Mrs Chantelle Wooldridge
Mrs Francesca Woolfe
Professor Lisa Woolfson
Dr Richard Woolfson
Mr Mark Woolgar
Mr Euan Woolley
Miss Gillian Woolley
Mr Simon Woolley
Miss Stacey Woolley
Ms Deborah Woolsey
Ms Tracy Wootton
Mrs Louise Wordsworth
Miss Helen Worrall
Miss Helen Worrall
Mr Kevin Worrall
Mrs Kay Worrall-Dutton
Ms Kristiane Worsdell
Mr Brian Worsfold
Mr Philip Worsfold
Mrs Emma Worsley
Ms Sarah Worsley-Harris
Ms Gina Worth
Miss Sally Worth
Miss Carla Worthington
Dr Rachel Worthington
Ms Megan Wotherspoon
Mrs Susan Wotruba
Miss Karolyn Wottge
Ms Joan Woulfe
Mr Peter Wraith
Mrs Donna Wray
Ms Katrina Wray
Mr Nicholas Wray
Miss Kay Wren
Ms Laura Wrigglesworth
Mr Aaron Wright
Ms Aisling Wright
Mrs Andrea Wright
Mr Andrew Wright
Mrs Ashley Wright
Mrs Catherine Wright
Ms Catherine Wright
Ms Catherine Wright
Mrs Charlotte Wright
Mr David Wright
Mr David Wright
Ms Emma Wright
Ms Fiona Wright
Mrs Gail Wright
Ms Gillian Wright
Mrs Gillian Wright
Ms Hilary Wright
Mr Ian Wright
Ms Jo Wright
Miss Judith Wright
Ms Julie Wright
Ms Juliette Wright
Mrs Karen Wright
Mrs Laurena Wright
Mrs Linda Wright
Ms Lisa Wright
Mrs Margaret Wright
Ms Margaret Wright
Mr Mark Wright
Miss Sarah Wright
Mr Stewart Wright
Miss Teresa Wright
Mrs Tina Wright
Dr Yolande Wright
Ms Zoe Wright
Miss Margaret Wrightson
Miss Caroline Wrobel
Ms Patricia Wroe
Mr Ciaran Wrynne
Mr Philip Wu
Mr Tsz Wu
Mr Yuk Wu
Dr Madeleine Wyatt
Mrs Elizabeth Wyn-Davies
Mr Anthony Wynne-Jones