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Frequently asked questions

What is the Society’s position on the use of tests under the supervision of Chartered Psychologists?

Where a test is being used under supervision, it is the responsibility of the supervising chartered psychologist to ensure that good practice is followed and that the user has the competence necessary to use the instrument. Where restrictions or conditions are placed on the use of instruments by their publishers, it is the Chartered Psychologist's responsibility to inform him or herself of those restrictions or conditions and to inform the trainee. The Chartered Psychologist is responsible for ensuring that all those using the materials under his or her supervision abide by the restrictions and conditions."

Approved by the Professional Practice Board - 2007

Where can I buy a test?

Most tests are sold directly by specialist test publishers and distributors. The majority of tests are restricted to people with appropriate training and qualifications. Many test publishers choose to have a paid listing on the Directory of Test Publishers , where you can find further information and contact details.


Where can I find test reviews?

The Society publishes reviews of tests submitted by test publishers on this website. If you hold a current entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) you can download unlimited test reviews as part of your benefits package. To access reviews please visit Search for a Test Review.


Reviews are also published by Buros Intitute of Mental Measurements

Where can I find out about test registration?

Test Registration is based around the EFPA Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Psychological Tests (The EFPA Review Model). Further information can be found at Test Registration and Test Reviews 
To access the list of registered tests please see Search for a registered test

How can I promote my testing services?

The PTC publishes an online Directory of Qualified Testers and a Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training). For information on subscribing or to view these directories, please visit the Directories tab on our website.

You may also wish to consider advertising in the Society's publication aimed at qualified educational and occupational testers - Assessment & Development Matters. Please refer to the ADM Advertising Rate Card.

I would like to offer training in using tests - do I need to register with the BPS?

The Society does not validate training courses, but it does provide verification that any assessment of testing competence meets appropriate standards leading to eligibility to apply for BPS qualifications in test use and entry on to the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU). For an overview about becoming an Assessor for Educational or Occupational Testing, please visit How to become an Assessor for Educational or Occupational Testing

What services do you offer to help me maintain my competence in testing?

  • All entrants on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) are encouraged to download a copy of An Introduction to the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU). This outlines the maintenance of competence requirements and arrangements which enable registered test users to re-validate their qualifications after every 6 years.
  • This site also contains a variety of best practice guidelines covering different aspects of testing. This information can be accesed at Guidelines and Information.
  • If you hold an RQTU entry you will also receive quarterly editions of Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) which can help keep you up to date with developments in the field of testing. If you are not a registrant, you can purchase copies of ADM through the BPS Shop.
  • The Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training) lists a selection of those providing training in the field of testing.
  • Check our Events and Conferences page for relevant conferences and other events.
  • The BPS Learning Centre provides information about training courses, e-learning and other events. It also provides an online CPD planning and recording system, which is called 'MyCPD'.