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The BPS test review and registration process helps test users identify an appropriate test suitable for their needs. Over 150 tests have been reviewed by our Test Reviews editorial team, who are all BPS Chartered Psychologists and experts in the field of testing and test use.

Full reviews of tests are available free to members of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) and to Chartered and Graduate members of the BPS.

Summary test reviews are available free of charge to non-members. Non-members may purchase full reviews of tests for £15.20 per test review by contacting the Psychological Testing Centre on 0116 252 9530.

For more information about the test reviews and test registration process, please see An Overview of the BPS Test Review Process. 


Information for Test Publishers

For information on how to submit a test for review please see the Test Review Information and Application Pack for Test Publishers/Distributors and An Overview of the BPS Test Review Process.

All tests are reviewed against the Revised EFPA Review Model For The Description And Evaluation Of Psychological Tests.

If you have any queries about submitting a test for review, please contact Ayshea King at [email protected]