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The BPS test review and registration process helps test users identify an appropriate test suitable for their needs. Over 150 tests have been reviewed by our Test Reviews editorial team, who are all BPS Chartered Psychologists and experts in the field of testing and test use.

Full reviews of tests are available free to members of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) and to members of the BPS. Summary test reviews are available free of charge to non-members.

The Test Review Process

Any new test submitted into the process is first audited to determine whether it meets the criteria for award of a Certificate of Test Registration.

Test Registration provides the public with a means of distinguishing genuine psychometric tests from other less rigorous instruments, and other forms of assessment that do not meet the minimum criteria necessary for classification as a psychometric instrument. The European Federation of Psychologists Association's (EFPA) Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Tests is the criteria used for this purpose. This can be downloaded below.

(Please refer to the EFPA test review form)

A test is eligible for a Certificate of Test Registration if it is judged to be at least 'adequate' as defined by the EFPA review model, in terms of validity, reliability and norms (or other information necessary for the meaningful interpretation of scores). 

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What are Test Reviews?

Following audit of a test to determine whether it meets eligibility for a Certificate of Test Registration, a test then progresses on to evaluative review by an editorial panel. The review is based on material specified as 'whatever the publisher/distributor provides to the purchaser of the instrument', and the EFPA Model for the Description and Evaluation of Tests is used to evaluate the test.

This process is designed to provide an informed and balanced evaluation, which evaluates norms, reliability and validity, as well as a description and evaluation of computer-based test reports.

An advanced search facility is provided for those wishing to filter reviews according to the application or type of test in which they have an interest. 

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How do I submit a test into the test review process?

For information on how to submit a test for review and registration, please see An Overview of the BPS Test Review Process. This provides an introductory overview of the Society's test review process, including Frequently asked questions.

If you are a test publisher/distributor wishing to submit a new test into the test review process, please see the Application Pack, which includes all the relevant forms needed to submit test materials into the process.

The document below outlines the criteria used to audit a test to determine whether it meets criteria for test registration. The criteria are also used to provide a descriptive and evaluative review of test materials. This is known as the EFPA Review Model for the Description and Evaluation of Tests.

 EFPA TEST REVIEW FORM and NOTES Version 3-42-EU v2.pdf

If you have any queries about submitting a test for review, please contact Ayshea King at ayshea.king@bps.org.uk