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Test Review Summary

Test Name: Automated Office Battery
Authors of Original Test: B. Mabey
H. Stevenson
Local test distributor / publisher: SHL Group Ltd
Date of Current Review: 2003
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition: 16 Mar 2006
Type of Test: Specific aptitude
Main Area of Use: Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured: Numerical Estimation
Computer Checking
Coded Instructions
Administration Mode: Supervised Group administration
Response Mode: Paper and pencil
General Description of Test: The battery was developed to identify the skills needed to work in a automated office environment and is designed for use with potential office staff who will be using automated equipment (e.g. accounts clerks, clerical supervisors, etc.). The battery contains three tests and in 1990 three parallel versions were published which are distinguished by the letter Y in the title: Numerical Estimation (NE-1 and NE-1Y) contains 50 items and takes 10 min.; Computer Checking (CC-2 and CC-2Y) contains 40 items and takes 12 min. and Coded Instructions (CI-3 and CI-3Y) contains 40 items and takes 18 min.

Instrument Evaluation:

All sections are scored using the following rating system provided in the EFPA Test Review Form - Version 3.42 24/06/2010 Page 14.

[n/a] This attribute is not applicable to this instrument
[None] Not possible to rate as no, or insufficient information provided
1.0 stars Inadequate
2.0 stars NOT NOW USED
3.0 stars Adequate or Reasonable
4.0 stars Good
4.0 stars Excellent
[N.r.i.o.r] Item was not rated in original review (for updates only)

Characteristics Evaluation
Quality of Documentation
3.0 stars
Quality of Materials
4.0 stars
Norms and reference groups
4.0 stars
Construct validity
3.0 stars
Criterion-related validity
3.5 stars
4.0 stars

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