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Test Name: Professional Profile 2
Author of Original Test: Central Test
Local test distributor / publisher: Central Test UK
Date of Current Review: February 2016
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition: 17 May 2016
Type of Test: Personality - Trait
Main Area of Use: Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured: The Professional Profile 2 measures seven personality dimensions which are conceptualised as opposing pairs. These include:
• Persuasiveness – Straightforwardness
• Flexibility – Firmness
• Emotional Distance – Emotional Sensitivity
• Extraversion – Introversion
• Improvisation – Structure
• Focus on Facts – Intuition
• Rule-following – Free-thinking

It also measures seven opposing pairs of values and motivations. These include:
• Involvement at work – Personal balance
• Desire to lead – Desire for guidance
• Need for action – Need for reflection
• Ambition – Humility
• Autonomy – Team Work
• Altruism – Individualism
• Novelty seeking – Familiarity seeking
Administration Mode: Computerised locally-installed application - supervised/proctored
Computerised locally-installed application - unsupervised/self-assessment
Response Mode: Computerised
General Description of Test:

The Professional Profile 2 (PP2) is a personality inventory intended for use in the workplace. Its areas of use include recruitment, work placement, career development and team selection, and is targeted towards a range of groups including executives, employees, job-seekers and graduates.

It measures seven personality dimensions which are conceptualised as opposing pairs. These include: Persuasiveness – Straightforwardness, Flexibility – Firmness, Emotional Distance – Emotional Sensitivity, Extraversion – Introversion, Improvisation – Structure, Focus on Facts – Intuition, and Rule-following – Free-thinking.

It also measures seven opposing pairs of values and motivations. These include: Involvement at work – Personal balance, Desire to lead – Desire for guidance, Need for action – Need for reflection, Ambition – Humility, Autonomy – Team Work, and Altruism – Individualism, 'Novelty Seeking - Familiarity Seeking'.

The automated report also provides matches between the personality profile based on scores on these scales and a set of work-oriented personality traits, a range of organisational job positions and a range of professions. The majority of the items in the test have a forced choice, ipsative format but a quarter of the items have a forced-choice normative format. Scores are presented as standardised scores and as stens. The questionnaire includes 112 items. While untimed, it should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. Each question assesses different personality or motivation dimensions, although the personality and motivation dimensions are kept separate from each other.

The Professional Profile 2 has a built-in response audit scale which, when considered with the ipsative question format, makes this questionnaire more resistant to intentional distortion (i.e. faking). For the UK, a single norm group is provided. This is based on a sample of 378 professionals drawn from a wide range of occupations and job levels. This is broken down by gender, managerial level, socio-professional category and industry. The assessment is available in a variety of languages (including French, English, and Arabic) and is administered online. Scoring is completely automated and reports are solely generated online.

The questionnaire is supported by extensive technical documentation which includes a conceptual mapping of the instrument’s dimensions onto a series of well-known and highly researched models of personality (such as the Five Factor Model), as well as motivation and values models (e.g. Maslow’s Motivation Theory or Spranger’s Value-Based Decision-Making Model).

Instrument Evaluation:

All sections are scored using the following rating system provided in the EFPA Test Review Form - Version 3.42 24/06/2010 Page 14.

[n/a] This attribute is not applicable to this instrument
[None] Not possible to rate as no, or insufficient information provided
1.0 stars Inadequate
2.0 stars NOT NOW USED
3.0 stars Adequate or Reasonable
4.0 stars Good
4.0 stars Excellent
[N.r.i.o.r] Item was not rated in original review (for updates only)

Characteristics Evaluation
Quality of Documentation
4.0 stars
Quality of Materials
5.0 stars
Norms and reference groups
3.0 stars
Construct validity
4.0 stars
Criterion-related validity
3.0 stars
3.0 stars

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