The BPS Qualifications in Test Use

The BPS provides qualifications in psychometric and psychological testing in Occupational (HR), Educational and Forensic contexts. 

Who are the BPS qualifications in test use for?

The BPS qualifications in test use have been designed for professionals who use psychometric or psychological tests as part of their role, for example:

Occupational professionals working in HR departments, employment agencies or consultancies offering testing services, whose role involves testing for personnel selection, development or career guidance and advice.

Educational professionals working in schools or for local authorities, whose role involves testing children to understand their strengths and specific learning needs.

Professionals working in forensic contexts such as prisons, secure hospitals, court or probation services, whose role involves assessing offenders' risk of reoffending. 

What are the benefits of holding a BPS qualification in test use? 

Holders of the BPS qualifications in test use receive:

For more information about the BPS qualifications in test use, including fee levels and how to apply, please see:

 Leaflet for course completers


The qualification structure and detailed information about test user competencies can be downloaded from the Test User's Handbook.

If you are interested in knowing what individuals qualified at the different levels are able to do when they hold any of the qualifications above and have a current entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), please download the Description of Test User Roles guidance.

Where can I train and who can assess me?

Training and assessment in the BPS qualifications in test use is provided by BPS Verified Assessors. To find a training course provider, please visit the Directory of Providers of Assessment and Training.

If you would like to receive a BPS qualification in test use and have obtained testing qualificatiosn overseas, please click here.

Supporting Publications

The following publications may provide useful background reading to those thinking about training and assessment as a competent test user. Please note these publications outline the BPS test user competencies which comprised former test user qualifications. Whilst many of the competencies are similar under the new test user qualification scheme, there will be some differences.

Educational Testing A Competence-Based Approach 
James Boyle & Stephen Fisher

December 2006 / 240 pages / ISBN 978 -1-4051-4659-3 £25.99 (20% discount for BPS Members)