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Test Name:Business Attitudes Questionnaire
Author of Original Test:Jeroen Bogaert, Etienne Van Keer, Nikola Trbovic
Local test distributor / publisher:Hudson Belgium NV/SA
Date of Current Review:June 2015
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:June 2014
Type of Test:Personality - Trait
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Counselling, Advice, Guidance, and Career Choice
Constructs Measured:Emotional Stability: Decisive, Optimistic, Relaxed, Stress−resistant
Extraversion: Communicative, Leading, Motivating, Persuasive
Openness: Abstract, Change−oriented, Innovative, Open−minded
Altruism: Co−operating, Helpful, People−oriented, Socially confident
Conscientiousness: Meticulous, Organised, Persevering, Rational
Five additional scales are identified as part of Professional behaviour at work:
Administration Mode:Supervised Group administration
Computerised Web−based application − unsupervised/self−assessment
Computerised Web−based application − supervised/proctored 
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:The Business Attitude Questionnaire (BAQ|F) is a measure of personality that is designed to be used in occupational (professional) settings for selection, development and careers guidance purposes. The BAQ|F measures 25 different facets of personality to assess how someone is likely to behave in a professional work setting. The personality dimensions include personality domains based on the Five−Factor Model (Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Openness, Altruism and Conscientiousness) as well as a multi−dimensional domain “Professionalism” that is developed by Hudson aimed to reflect the professional working environment. The dimensions grouped under “Professionalism” are ‘Ambitious’, ‘Critical’, ‘Result−oriented’, ‘Strategic’, and ‘Autonomous’. The questionnaire contains 300 items with 12 items in each scale. It is untimed and typically takes no more than 50 minutes, including administration time. The BAQ|F is administered online, under controlled supervised or unsupervised conditions. A paper−and−pencil version is also available if required. The Business Attitudes Questionnaire © 2015 BPS Page 2 of 19 questionnaire is intended for a number of populations: 1. Administrative level 2. Junior management 3. Middle management 4. Senior management Respondents rate each item on both a 5−point Likert− type normative scale (Totally disagree to Totally agree) as well as a 5−point Likert− type ipsative scale (Least applicable to Most applicable) for groups of five items. Scoring is carried out automatically via the Hudson ‘Competency Scan Online’ (CSO) test system and produces a normative and an ipsative score per item. Scale totals are then calculated by summing the scores across the items for each version. Domain scores are obtained by summing scale totals in each domain (except ‘Professionalism’ as this domain is not considered uni−dimensional). A general norm comparison is available for the BAQ|F completed in British English. This is based on a large sample of working people with information available about the composition of the group in terms of gender and job levels. Alternatively a much smaller, but adequately−sized sample (n=227), described as Senior Managers who had applied for a variety of positions can be chosen. Interpretation of results is presented using the stanine scale. Three types of computer generated reports are available – a Standard report (profile with scale results) and a Descriptive report (graphics and interpretation)which are both for test users and a Candidate report (text based) for test takers. While the questionnaire submitted for the test review is BAQ|F there are three other versions of the BAQ: 1. BAQ|S: this is a shorter version of the BAQ|F 2. BAQ|FL: this is a light version of the BAQ|F, and is targeted at candidates with a higher non−university education degree or a secondary school diploma. 3. BAQ|SL: this is a shorter version of the BAQ|FL.


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