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Test Review Summary

Test Name:Elements
Author of Original Test: Roger Holdsworth & Alan Bourne
Local test distributor / publisher:TalentQ
Date of Current Review:2014
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:15 Sep 2014
Type of Test:Verbal Ability
Numerical Ability
Logical Reasoning
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured:Verbal Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning
Administration Mode:Computerised Web-based application - unsupervised/self-assessment
Response Mode:Computerised
General Description of Test:

Talent Q Elements is a suite of three online ability tests, assessing verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills.  Each of the three tests has an associated item bank, enabling adaptive testing. Items are presented at the appropriate level of difficulty for each candidate, based on their performance as they progress through each test.  Items are presented in blocks with the test-taker completing three of the six questions within each block before moving to the next block. This adaptive quality allows the tests to have fairly wide applicability for graduate, professional, managerial and supervisory roles. According to the publisher the tests are intended for use across a very wide variety of sectors and industries. Both classical test theory and item response theory have been used in the development of the test. The test items offer a series of possible responses, and the candidate has to choose which is/are correct. The Elements tests are only available online, through the Talent Q Assessment Systems (TQAS) platform. Candidate results and feedback reports are produced immediately following the testing session. The tests are intended predominantly for an occupational setting, i.e. recruitment and selection, training and staff development, etc. The tests have been designed to enable delivery in an unproctored environment, and there is a system of verification which enables the test user to administer a short version of the test in a controlled setting to check for consistency and safeguard against possible cheating. This verification test will provide feedback on the similarity of scores between the two testing sessions. Talent Q Elements forms part of a wider online testing suite available through the TQAS platform, including the Dimensions online personality questionnaire, Multiview 360 degree feedback questionnaire, and the Aspects screening tools portfolio. Elements is available in over 40 languages and has international distribution. The tests take a maximum of 16 minutes to complete, with average completion times of around 12 minutes for numerical and verbal, and around 9 minutes for logical. The use of the tests requires the British Psychological Society Test User: Ability qualification (Level A).


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