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The Emotional Capital Report(ECR) is an online survey tool designed to measure an individual’s emotional intelligence. Based on the emotional capital model, the ECR assesses emotional intelligence factors that support effective leadership behaviours (including the ability to understand oneself and manage one’s moods, the ability to listen to others, the ability to communicate clearly, and the ability to focus on the opportunities that emerge from challenges in life). The ECR is used to assess and develop the EI of postgraduate students within business schools. The ECR is used within educational establishments such as schools and Universities to educate students and staff on what EI is and how to develop it. The ECR is used within corporate organisations for personal and professional development of wellbeing and leadership performance. The ECR is also used with high performing sports coaches to develop their EI and leadership performance.

The ECR contains 77 items, relating to 11 scales (7 items per scale): Self-knowing, Self-reliance, Self-confidence, Self-actualisation, Straightforwardness, Relationship skills, Empathy, Self-control, Adaptability, Optimism, and Positive impact (validity indicator to detect response bias). The test-taker responds using 5-point Likert scale ratings, where respondents are required to rate from 1 “Not True of Me” to 5 “Very Often True of Me”, with the survey taking 12-15 minutes to complete. Reports are generated automatically for use in leadership development.

Scores are compared to a norm group of 3240 professionals (Business, Education, Medical, Other) primarily based in Ireland, Australia / New Zealand and Europe. Appropriate norm-tables are provided on the basis of gender and age (under 30 / 30+).

Authors of Original Test

Dr. Martyn Newman and Judy Purse

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Personality - Trait

Personality - State


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Advice, guidance and career choice


General health, life and well-being

Sports and Leisure

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