Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus

Psytech International Ltd

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Test Name:Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus
Author of Original Test: Raymond B. Catell and Associates
Local test distributor / publisher:Psytech International Ltd
Date of Current Review:2003
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:2003
Type of Test:Personality - Trait
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured:There are 16 primary scales which can be converted into 5 second order scales.
Administration Mode:Supervised Group administration
Computerised locally-installed application - supervised/proctored
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:This is a new, and much improved version of a very early version of the 16PF. It must not be confused with the present day 15FQ instrument or earlier versions such as the fourth edition Form A or Form B. The 15FQ+ provides 16 primary scores that can then be converted to five second-order scores that have considerable overlap with the Big Five personality factors, plus response style scales: Faking Good, Faking Bad, Central Tendency and Response Inconsistency. In addition, the instrument can generate a number of criterion-referenced scores such as Integrity and Emotional Intelligence. The manual is not clear whether the instrument uses normalised or non-normalised scales.


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