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Test Name:General Clerical Test - Revised
Author of Original Test: The Psychological Corporation Ltd. (it is stated in the manual that the test is not attributed to named authors).
Local test distributor / publisher:Pearson Assessment
Date of Current Review:1997 Update review 2004
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:08 May 2008
Type of Test:Verbal Ability
Numerical Ability
Clerical ability
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured:Clerical ability
Numerical ability
Verbal ability.
Administration Mode:Supervised Group administration
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:The GCT-R is a substantially revised version of the first GCT published in 1944. The GCT-R is an integrated set of ten tests designed to assess clerical abilities. The ten tests fall into three broad categories: clerical ability, numerical ability, and verbal ability. Despite there being ten separate tests, separately timed, scores are in the form of overall test score, which allows the three category scores to be extracted. The ten parts of the test are: · clerical ability – checking (4 min., 19 items); and filing (3 min., 61 items). · numerical ability – calculation (7 min., 20 items); error location (7 min., 20 items); · estimation (5 min., 25 items); and problem solving (8 min., 16 items). · verbal ability – spelling (3 min., 29 items); vocabulary (3 min., 40 items); language use (4 min., 20 items); and comprehension (5 min., 15 items). The clerical ability sub-test assesses speed and accuracy in applying simple operations requiring attention to detail and spotting similarities and differences in sequences of numbers, letters or words. It includes two scales which measure checking and filing. The numerical ability sub-test assesses the application of numerical ability to computation, problem solving, estimation and reasoning. Finally, the verbal ability sub-test assesses general ability to succeed in tasks which depend on linguistic comprehension and skills and competencies associated with language development. All ten tests are presented in one test booklet which is not reusable.


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