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Test Name:Gordon's Survey of Interpersonal Values
Author of Original Test: Leonard V. Gordon
Local test distributor / publisher:GL Assessment
Previsor (ASE)
Date of Current Review:2003
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:2003
Type of Test:Values
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Counselling, Advice, Guidance, and Career Choice
Constructs Measured:(6): Values; Support; Conformity; Recognition; Independence; Benevolence; and Leadership
Administration Mode:Supervised Group administration
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:The SIV provides measures of the relative importance to an individual of six areas of interpersonal values: Support (S), Conformity (C), Recognition (R), Independence (I), Benevolence (B), and Leadership (L). It uses a forced-choice format, and the instrument consists of 90 statements presented in 30 triads. Statements within a triad represent different value dimensions, and are balanced for social desirability. Interpretation of the SIV is based mainly on the profile of all six scales, but scores on individual scales can also be used. The test booklet is two pages long (three sides), the first side giving an explanation of how to complete the questionnaire. This is intended to be self-explanatory, so that there is no need for the administrator to go over instructions. The candidate is then presented with 30 sets of statements. Each set consists of three statements. The candidate has to select from these the statement which is most important to him or her, the statement which is least important and leave the third statement unmarked. The SIV is related in construction to the Survey of Personal Values (SPV).



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