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The Korn Ferry Four Dimensional Enterprise Assessment (KF4D) is based on research into the elements of talent and their Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent model.  From over 2.5 million assessments, Korn Ferry identified competencies, traits, drivers and experiences as predictors of variations in organisational performance and other factors such as engagement and leadership potential.  KF4D measures numerous constructs under the areas of competencies (observable skills and behaviours required for success at work), traits (a person’s natural tendencies and abilities) and drivers (the deep internal values, motivations, and aspirations that influence a person’s choices).  Thirty competencies are measured (taken from Korn Ferry’s competency framework).  Of these 30 competencies, 24 are each measured by non-overlapping item sets.  The other 6 competencies reported on are each composites of other competency scales. Twenty traits cluster into the higher-order ‘big five’ factors of personality, and six drivers are also measured.  In addition, various derived scores can be produced including risk factors and aspects of learning agility.  Korn Ferry state the assessment can be used for: internal and external selection, potential, succession, skill/career development and readiness for promotion.

KF4D uses a forced-choice item response format scored through item response theory, which is argued to overcome some of the limitations of classical test theory scoring methods and improve resistance to bias and faking. Items are presented in blocks, with competencies being presented in 28 blocks of 7 statements, traits in 40 blocks of 4 statements and drivers in 10 blocks of 6 statements.

The assessment is delivered via the internet, meaning scores are automatically generated and users have access to a range of reports.  Twelve different reports were available in this review. In addition to those covered by the review Korn Ferry is adding further report options and outputs to support Talent Management activity Reports vary according to their audience (respondents or trained test users) and purpose (recruitment or development purposes such as the identification and management of risk factors).  Two spreadsheet-based reports are also available which provide users with the results from groups of respondents in a format that they can manipulate for further analysis.  Various norm groups, including an international norm group, are available.  Korn Ferry also has a library of ‘success profiles’ which describe the constructs necessary for superior performance across a wide range of roles.  Results from KF4D can be compared against a profile to determine a candidate’s fit for a particular role.

A wide range of supporting materials are made available to users of KF4D including technical and interpretation guides, validation reports and supplementary normative information.  Technical manuals provide extensive descriptions of the rationales behind each of the constructs measured, along with information on the reliability and validity of the assessment.  Due to the number of scales measured and so potentially complex nature of the reports, training is required before users can have access some of the KF4D reports.  


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James L. Lewis, Jeff Jones, Maynard Goff, David Zes 

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Personality - Trait

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Advice, guidance and career choice

Work and Occupational

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