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Test Name:Morrisby General Ability Tests
Author of Original Test: J. R. Morrisby and G. D. Fox
Local test distributor / publisher:The Morrisby Organisation
Date of Current Review:2003
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:2003
Type of Test:Verbal Ability
Numerical Ability
Perceptual Speed
General ability
Main Area of Use:Educational
Work and Occupational
Counselling, Advice, Guidance, and Career Choice
Constructs Measured:4:
General Ability;
Verbal Ability;
Numerical Ability;
Perceptual Speed
Administration Mode:Interactive individual administration
Supervised Group administration
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:The MGAT are paper-and-pencil tests which aim to measure verbal, numerical and perceptual potential. Each aspect is measured by two sub-tests. The verbal part 1 test uses an 'odd-one-out' format where two of the words presented do not belong with the other four, and the verbal part 2 test uses word relationships such as similars and opposites. Numerical part 1 comprises digit series and part 2 number squares. The perceptual part 1 test consists of an 'odd-one-out' among abstract figures where two do not belong with the other four, and part 2 of relationship principles between pairs of abstract figures/ symbols. As far as possible the test does not require the use of complex mathematical knowledge or vocabulary. The tests were designed to be used with people of all levels of ability, from school leavers to senior management. The MGAT form part of the Morrisby Profile (see the MP review in this series), which also includes measures of personality.

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