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Preview, Oasis and EirQuest are Career Guidance tools which consist of interest questionnaires from which computer-generated reports are obtained. Oasis, Preview and EirQuest are essentially the same instrument, with Oasis being the original questionnaire, Preview being the more up to date version, and EirQuest being a shortened version for use in Irish schools. The resulting student report is very similar in all three versions.


The questionnaires are designed for students planning on taking A levels or equivalents, and going on to Higher Education, and aims to introduce young people to the world of work and higher education. The student completes an on-line or paper questionnaire, covering interests, abilities and personal qualities. A report is then generated which reveals the student’s own occupational and academic interests and personal preferences. A range of interest-led careers are identified. The aim is to provide a structured framework for research into the demands of potential career fields and to help the student to choose A level (or equivalent) subjects which will meet the requirements of future careers or degree courses. Each student also receives an Action Plan and Career Analysis Forms to help guide research and monitor progress, a copy of the Careers Directory, and access to myCareersRoom (an online careers resource).

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John Mainstone/Cambridge Occupational Analysts

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Advice, guidance and career choice

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