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Test Name:Occupational Relationships Profile
Author of Original Test: Colin Selby
Local test distributor / publisher:Selby & Mills Ltd
Date of Current Review:2003
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:10 Dec 2004
Type of Test:Personality - Trait
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured:Social interaction within the workplace.
Administration Mode:Interactive individual administration
Supervised Group administration
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
Internet and web-based.
General Description of Test:The Occupational Relationships Profile is a personality trait measure with normative rating. The ORP was designed to measure a person’s social interaction within the workplace. It aims to provide a more direct and occupationally focused measure than those provided by clinically derived tests of personality and to overcome the difficulty of relating the results from such tools to behaviour at work. It seeks to do this by concentrating solely on the interpersonal aspects of personality at work and by using language relevant to the workplace. The ORP contains 102 questions that are used to compute scores on six Core scales, two Composite scales, and four Special scales. The composite scales are calculated from the responses to the six core scales. The scales of the ORP are: 1 Core scales - Contact at work, Membership, Power, Responsiveness, Openness, and Shyness; 2 Composite scales - Sociability, and Proactivity; 3 Special Scales - Team, Individual, Leadership overall (Coach, Fighter or Expert), and Preferred style of leader (Coach, Fighter or Expert).

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