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Test Name:Ravens Educational
Authors of Original Test: J. Raven
J.C. Raven & J.H. Court
Local test distributor / publisher:Pearson Assessment
Date of Current Review:2008
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:23 Apr 2012
Type of Test:General Ability
Verbal Ability
School or Educational Function
Main Area of Use:Psycho-clinical
Constructs Measured:Intelligence using verbal and non-verbal items.
Administration Mode:Interactive individual administration
CPM/CVS is administered individually and SPM+/MHV can be administered individually or in a supervised group format.
Response Mode:Oral interview
Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:There are four individual assessments in this kit: The Standard Progressive Matrices Plus (SPM+), the Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale (MVS), the Coloured Progressive Matrices (CPM) and the Crichton Vocabulary Scale (CVS). They are arranged in pairs with the SPM+ and MVS forming one battery (aimed at an age range of 7-18 years) and the CPM and CVS (ages 4-11) forming the other. Tests have been developed as short non-verbal (SPM+ and CPM) and verbal (MVS and CVS) screening measures of general ability in educational and clinical settings. The CPM-CVS battery is only administered individually whereas the SPM+/MVS battery can be administered individually or within a group setting. The SPM+ and CPM are test instruments that were originally devised in the nineteen thirties with a first publication date of 1938. There have been a number of revisions and re-standardisations with the current 2008 version including new normative data from a representative UK sample. They have been widely used in a number of countries. The SPM+ and CPM tests comprise stimulus items in a book form with a separate answer grid and marking acetate. The responses are lines on the answer grid indicating the appropriate answer. No words or writing is involved. The MVS and CVS are incorporated in the student answer booklet. Some items require multiple choice responses, others are open ended and written. There is a comprehensive administration manual.


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