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Strengthscope® is a self-report assessment designed to identify a respondent's strengths in a work-based context. It has 175 scored items which are rated on 5-point Likert-scale. Each item contributes to one of 24 strengths which are organised according to four clusters. The clusters and strengths are:

Ø Emotional Cluster: Courage, Emotional Control, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Resilience and Self-confidence.

Ø Relational Cluster: Collaboration, Compassion, Developing Others, Empathy, Persuasiveness, Relationship Building and Leading

Ø Thinking Cluster - Common Sense, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Detail Orientation, Strategic Mindedness

Ø Execution Cluster - Decisiveness, Efficiency, Flexibility, Initiative, Results Focus and Self-improvement.


The rationale draws on work in the Positive Psychology movement, but it has a specific focus on qualities that energise, contribute to personal growth and foster peak performance. Whilst positioned mainly as a development tool, applications in selection contexts are also described.

The questionnaire is administered online, taking between 25 and 40 minutes. Responses are scored and normed automatically. The top 7 strengths are identified and further context questions about their impact and relevance to the respondent’s current role are presented. The responses to these additional questions as well as results from the main questionnaire are presented in the computer generated feed-back report.


Strengthscope® Standard, reviewed here, is one of a suite of assessments. As well as this individual self-report questionnaire the suite includes Strengthscope360 and StrengthscopeTeam™. 

Authors of Original Test

Dr Paul Brewerton & James Brock 

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Advice, guidance and career choice

Work and Occupational

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