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Test Name:Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
Author of Original Test: Dr K V Petrides
Local test distributor / publisher:Thomas International Ltd
Date of Current Review:2013
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:14 Jun 2013
Type of Test:Personality - Trait
Emotional Intelligence
Main Area of Use:Educational
Work and Occupational
Counselling, Advice, Guidance, and Career Choice
General Health, Life and Well-being
Constructs Measured:Trait Emotional Intelligence which comprises:
Global EI
Factors = Well-being, Self-control, Emotionality and Sociability
Facets = Happiness, Optimism, Self-esteem, Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control, Stress Management, Empathy, Emotion Perception, Emotion Expression, Relationships, Emotion Management, Assertiveness, Social Awareness, Adaptability and Self-Motivation
Administration Mode:Supervised Group administration
Computerised web-based application – supervised/proctored
Computerised web-based application – unsupervised/self-assessment
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:TEIQue is a multiscale, self assessment measure of trait emotional intelligence. It contains 153 items which are rated on a 7 point Likert rating scale anchored at the ends with ‘disagree completely’ and ‘agree completely’. Scores are normed against a sample of the UK population. A global score, of general emotional functioning, is provided, plus scores for 4 factors: • Well-being: how happy, positive and fulfilled a person is • Self-control: how well a person regulates external pressure and stress and controls impulses • Emotionality: capacity to perceive and express emotions and use insight into emotions to develop and sustain close relationships with others • Sociability: how socially skilled a person is and how clearly and confidently they can communicate with others Each of these factors is further broken down into 3 or 4 facets: • Well-being: Self-esteem, Trait happiness and Trait optimism • Self-control: Emotion Regulation, Stress management and Impulse Control • Emotionality: Emotion perception (self and others), Emotion expression, Relationships and Trait empathy • Sociability: Social awareness, Emotion management (others) and Assertiveness There are also two independent facets – Adaptability and Self-motivation – making 15 facets altogether. In addition there are a number of response style measures including a single item honesty self-report, and measures of central tendency, random responding and a veracity index which produce warning flags for certain types of responding. TEIQue can be completed online or in paper and pencil format. Scoring always requires entry of responses into the online system. Results are provided via a computer generated report which is designed to be shared with respondents. Intended applications include ‘work and life coaching, talent development, appraisals, leadership training, measuring organisational commitment, organisational change and behaviour, recruitment and selection, employee morale and team building’.


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