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Test Name:Wave Professional Styles
Authors of Original Test: P. Saville
R. MacIver and R. Kurz
Local test distributor / publisher:Saville Consulting UK Ltd
Date of Current Review:2014
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:11 Jun 2014
Type of Test:Personality - State
Personality - Trait
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Counselling, Advice, Guidance, and Career Choice
Constructs Measured:The 108 Facets are hierarchically organized into 36 ‘Dimensions’, which are further grouped into 12 ‘Sections’ (Evaluative, Investigative, Imaginative, Sociable, Impactful, Assertive, Resilient, Flexible, Supportive, Conscientious, Structured and Driven). These combine to create 4 ‘Clusters’ (Thought, Influence, Adaptability and Delivery).
Administration Mode:Computerised Web-based application - unsupervised/self-assessment
Computerised Web-based application - supervised/proctored
Response Mode:Computerised
General Description of Test:The Saville Consulting Wave Styles assessments are part of a multi-dimensional assessment suite for use in a wide variety of applications (selection, individual development, coaching, leadership assessment, team development, organizational talent audit, business growth, self-awareness and career planning). The Styles assessments were developed to separate talents from underlying predispositions or motives, and measure motivation, talent, competency, potential and preferred culture in one questionnaire. The Styles questionnaires were designed specifically for the Internet. They operate as both trait and type instruments and rely on a hierarchical model of work performance that is aligned to the Big Five personality factors and the Great Eight competencies. Wave adopts a hierarchical structure called the Wave Performance Culture Framework, made up of Behaviour (work behavioural styles and competencies), Ability (assessing a person’s abilities to perform certain intellectual or cognitive tasks), and Global (describing broad overall effectiveness characteristics of performance at work such as applying expertise, accomplishing objectives and demonstrating potential). The instrument measures an individual’s ‘Professional Style’ from a total of 216 items representing 108 ‘Facets’, each of which includes 2 items probing motive (will do) and talent (can do) components. The Facets are hierarchically organized into 36 ‘Dimensions’, which are further grouped into 12 ‘Sections’ (Evaluative, Investigative, Imaginative, Sociable, Impactful, Assertive, Resilient, Flexible, Supportive, Conscientious, Structured and Driven), which combine to create 4 ‘Clusters’ (Thought, Influence, Adaptability and Delivery). Four ‘Response Style’ summary scales are also available. A compact Saville Consulting Wave Focus Styles questionnaire comprises 72 items measuring 36 behavioural facets that were selected for their strong validity. The Handbook provides very little information about this short form of the instrument. The Handbook provides detailed descriptions of clusters, sections, dimensions and facets. Throughout the Handbook, the four Clusters are colour coded for ease of reference. Wave is computer administered, scored and normed. The Professional Styles questionnaire takes about 40 minutes to complete, while Focus Styles is typically completed in 13 minutes. Completing the Wave requires test-takers to respond to a combination of ‘Likert’ type ratings together with forced-choice items. The scoring integrates rating and ranking responses and results in a combined profile that highlights differences between ipsative and normative scores on the profile. 12 different computer-generated reports are available. These are: - An ‘Expert Report’, intended for trained users, providing a full set of profiles, ‘Competency Potential Profile’ and ‘Predictive Culture/Environment Fit’. - A ‘Personal Report’ providing a summary of results intended for the test-taker. - A ‘Line Manager Report’, intended for trained or untrained stakeholders such as potential managers. Its use is supervised by a trained user. - The ‘Interview Guide’ provides areas of interest based on Saville Consulting’s Wave Professional Styles, Focus Styles and Work Strengths model that might be pursued in interview. - ‘Summary Development’ and ‘Premium Development Reports’ provide suggestions concerning an individual’s development needs. - A ’Types Report’ classifies individuals according to Saville Consulting Wave Typology. - A ‘Team Roles Report’ indicates an individual’s most and least preferred role in a team. - A ‘Leadership Report’ predicts situational leadership effectiveness. - A ‘Reflections Report’ provides a profile designed to give an opportunity for test-takers to reflect on their workplace styles. - A ‘Sales Report’ includes selling styles and sales potential indicator profiles. - An ‘Entrepreneurial Potential Report’ provides a set of profiles based on the ‘Entrecode®’ model. The Styles assessments were developed as work relevant, high validity, international tools suitable for a range of job roles across different industry sectors. They can be used with most adult working populations and are available in 28 languages.


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