Work Skills Series - Transport

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Test Review Summary

Test Name:Work Skills Series - Transport
Authors of Original Test: L. West
C. Nyfield
M. Blum
D. Hawkey
K. Nind
Local test distributor / publisher:SHL Group Ltd
Date of Current Review:2003
Date of Publication of Current Review / Edition:02 Mar 2006
Type of Test:Verbal Ability
Numerical Ability
Specific aptitude battery
Main Area of Use:Work and Occupational
Constructs Measured:1. Understanding instructions test
2. Working with numbers Test
3. Visual Checking Test
Administration Mode:Supervised Group administration
Response Mode:Paper and pencil
General Description of Test:The battery of tests has been designed to measure basic abilities which are important in the range of administrative and public service/ information jobs which are found in the transport industry. There are four tests in the battery: Using Information (VWT1 - 25 items with 14 min. time limit); Number Skills (NWT2 - 30 items with a seven min. time limit); Working with Words (VWT3 – 24 items with an eight min. time limit) and Checking Information (CWT4 - 40 items with an eight min. time limit). All have been designed to be suitable for individuals with no formal qualifications. The tests are timed and have a multiple-choice format. They may be used separately or together, depending on specific requirements. The tests have been designed to act as a screening measure, that is, to check that candidates have the required level of basic abilities to perform the job, rather than to discriminate between candidates at a higher level of ability.


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