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The list of test publishers is intended to be informative rather than evaluative.

The BPS provides independent reviews of psychological tests and these are included on the site. Publishers included on this list have either had test materials evaluated in a BPS review or have agreed that their materials will be included in a future review.

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Psychological Consultancy Ltd

8 Mount Ephraim

Tel: 01892 559540

Email: [email protected]


Since 1992, PCL has worked with organisations to deliver assessment solutions for selection, personal development, team building, leadership development and employee engagement. Our offering spans psychometric assessments, evidence-based consultancy services and training in psychometrics. Results-driven, accountable and progressive - PCL is committed to techniques that are genuinely capable of improving people potential and business performance. Consultancy at PCL encompasses tailored assessment solutions for selection and leadership development at both the individual and team level. This includes executive and career coaching, assessment, 30 appraisal, development centre design, leadership programmes, validation of selection methods and in-depth organisational research. Our assessments include our own Risk - Type Compass, a new psychometric measure that assigns individuals to one of eight Risk Types, facilitating planning, research and discussion about risk tolerance. Additionally, PCL distributes the widely acclaimed Hogan personality questionnaires, including the HPI (The Bright Side), HDS (The Dark Side), and the MVPI (The Inside). Pioneers in psychometric development, PCL also offers unique insights into the next generation of online assessment and surveys with PROFILE:MATCH© and the Employee Engagement Survey. Please see our entry on the Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training).Read more

Knight Chapman Psychological Ltd

The Garden Studio
64 High Street
East Sussex

Tel: 01273 487333

Email: [email protected]


KCP develops and publishes a broad range of assessment instruments measuring abilities, personality and motivation, situational judgement and occupational competences. We have a track record of innovation over 25 years, and pride ourselves on making objective assessment techniques accessible to clients and candidates alike. The majority of our tests, questionnaires and in-trays are available both online and as paper-and-pencil instruments, where appropriate (e.g. group exercises). In addition to off-the-shelf products, we develop organisation specific assessment tools, from personality questionnaires through to 360 degree assessment programmesRead more

Psytech International Ltd

For the last 30 years Psytech International has been providing psychometric tests and 360 appraisal products through a network of global partners. Adapted into over 25 languages, Psytech's assessments are supported by state of the art cloud based IT systems and have been integrated with most major ATS and HR systems to provide a completely seamless and efficient process. Unrestricted access to Psytech's full range of assessments is available to qualified individuals and to unqualified users through via our Bureau service. We offer a range of training options to achieve full qualified test access. See our entry in the BPS Directory of Providers of (Assessment and Training). In addition we produce cost effective customised assessment solutions that are available to both qualified and unqualified users.Read more

Team Focus Ltd

Heritage House
13 Bridge Street

Tel: 01628 637 338

Email: [email protected]


Founded in 1989, specialising in Business Psychology, Team Focus Limited (TFL) has one the most comprehensive range of psychometrics available on a single platform called 'Profiling for Success.' The measures are 'leading edge' but this is not simply the slickness of the online delivery. It includes NEW THINKING in psychometrics. We recognise that the brain's thinking complexity cannot be assessed by Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Tests alone. We have innovative ability measures such as the Decision Analysis Test and a measure of multi-tasking called the Memory and Attention Test. In personality we acknowledge the limitations of self-report. Our questionnaires approach 'who we are' from different angles. We explore people's sense of identity plus their aspirations and motivations. We capture not only the typical 'you' but the 'you under pressure' - how people change and stretch. We use rigorous psychometrics but it is the psychology and not the statistics that drive the process. We have trait measures, type measures, measures that deconstruct and clarify issues of resilience, motivation, learning style, emotional intelligence, team roles and more. We have a career guidance package and also offer one of the widest ranges of training programmes in major personality and soft skills questionnaires.Read more

Caliper UK Ltd

26 Kings Hill Avenue
Kings Hill
ME19 4AE

Tel: 01732 424334

Email: [email protected]


Reviewed Tests

Caliper Global. For over 50 years, Caliper has been at the forefront of developing personality assessments for business. The group's flagship instrument, the Caliper Profile, has been relied on by over 28 000 companies around the world, offering our clients advanced insights to optimise all their personnel decisions in selection, development, coaching, and succession planning. Caliper UK was established in 1998 and works closely with Caliper's other European offices in France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Belgium. Caliper UK serves clients across all industries, from international brands to local firms. Caliper's powerful proprietary psychometrics provide reliable advice adapted to each client's requirements from discrete selection assessments to international, multi-lingual, company-wide development projects for hundreds of employees. To every assignment, we bring a deep commitment to Excellence, Value, and Partnership. Selection: Caliper's consultants interpret the candidate's assessment supported by decades of experience across industries and jobs. Added to interview and CV data, Caliper's recommendation assures the client of engaging the candidate best-suited to the job, reducing risk and optimising performance. Development: Caliper's assessments are also applied in Talent Development programmes at all levels, providing clients with the clarity and comparability to build first-class teams and leadership with deep credentials for long-term success.Read more

The Holst Group

31 Market Place

Tel: 0845 456 4000

Email: [email protected]


The Morrisby Organisation

Gaddesden Place
Great Gaddesden

Tel: 01442 215521

Email: [email protected]


The Morrisby Organisation is best known for the Morrisby Profile, which originated as a specialised test battery for industrial recruitment. It is now one of the most widely used assessment systems used in guidance, with careers professionals and schools using the Morrisby Profile to help inform subject, course and career choices. In the hands of trained HR professionals and psychologists, it provides a powerful system for assessing job applicants. Although the scores on the assessments allow comparisons between candidates, the shape of the resulting psychological 'profile' is used to show and individual's strengths and underlying abilities. The scientific analysis of this 'profile' provides genuine insights into potential future work performance. Specific training required. The Compound Series Test is a measure of the basic capacity to understand. It identifies the ability to solve problems from first principles and is a useful alternative to tests of general intelligence. Available to Registered Test Users. The Morrisby General Ability Tests assess Verbal, Numerical and Perceptual potential. They are designed to establish how well individuals can manipulate words, numbers and visual symbols and where their greatest strengths lie. This can offer insights into communication preferences and learning styles. Available to Registered Test Users.Read more

Selby & Mills Ltd

Tregoning Mill
St. Keverne
TR12 6QE

Tel: 01326 280382

Email: [email protected]


Established in 1986 we are a firm of chartered occupational psychologists and an innovative test developer and publisher. We specialise in original, highly practical, success-driven products, which enable individuals and organisations to excel. Pioneers in the use of IT in this market, we apply it to make our products easy to use and easy to learn from. World leaders for three decades in developing and publishing innovative assessment tools, we offer unrivalled consulting skills to meet your organisation's specific needs. Our products are readily accessible to your managers and staff worldwide, yet can be controlled and administered from a single location. We provide genuinely user-friendly products and services that bring significant administration and cost economies over many traditional assessment tools. We have a rolling program to develop and enhance our range of internet based questionnaires using the latest techniques and constructs. These questionnaires have been used in thirty countries overseas and the product range continues to expand.Read more

Stuart Robertson and Associates

Empress Buildings
380 Chester Road
M16 9EA

Tel: 0161 877 3277

Email: [email protected]


Reviewed Tests


Hogrefe Ltd

Hogrefe Ltd is part of the Hogrefe Group, with companies and partnerships throughout the world. We publish over 800 scientifically-developed and objective psychometric tools for business, health and education professionals. We also have over 40 journals and bring around 240 books to market each year. Established 65 years ago, we are still family owned, secure and growing. Psychology is constantly evolving and Hogrefe are committed to supporting professionals with reliable and up to date psychological assessments that can be trusted and that add value. Our assessment tools include... For the occupational psychologist and other business development professionals: -~Personality assessments -~Aptitude and ability tests -~Measures of leadership potential and unconscious bias -~Coaching tools For the clinical psychologist and other health/education professionals: -~Child assessments for development, quality of life, autism and attention deficit disorders, cognition and neuropsychology -~Adult assessments for neuropsychology, cognition and mental health For the paediatrician and health professional: -~Child assessments for development, quality of life, autism screening, attention deficit disorders -~Paediatric and Adult assessments For the education and special needs professional: -~Child assessments of ability and achievement -~Children's quality of life assessments Please see our entry on the Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training).Read more