Obtained testing qualifications overseas?

Obtained testing qualifications overseas?

The British Psychological Society's role is to set standards in psychological testing in the UK. Psychological Testing or Psychometrics is sometimes covered within a degree course or as a separate training course in countries outside the United Kingdom.

Whether the qualification is taken in or outside the UK, in order to have access to ability/aptitude/attainment or personality tests, you need to be registered with the test publisher or supplier. Most test publishers will require you to register with them. To obtain BPS qualifications in test use, you will need to have your competence at the appropriate level affirmed by a BPS Verified Assessor.

The role of the Verified Assessor is to obtain a portfolio of evidence demonstrating your competence in the relevant competencies (whether this has been obtained via a specific training course or practice experience and self-study).

Some training organisations run courses overseas and can arrange to assess and affirm delegates’ competence if they have completed the assessment overseas. For detailed information please contact training course/assessment providers directly.

Please view the Directory of Providers (Assessment/Training) or the List of Verified Assessors for contact details of Assessors for Educational or Occupational Testing.